Cusco Nightlife

For the young and not so young, Cusco is a great place to stay for a while and also one of the best places in South America to party. The city is full of bars, nightclubs, and discos with something to suit everybody. If you like modern music, there is a bar for you. If […]

Machu Picchu Facts

Have you planned your dream vacation to Peru? Booked all your airline tickets and your tours, you will want to see many parts of this of this wonderful country, considered one of the most bio diverse on the planet. You will arrive into Peru in Lima the capital on the coast; you should take the […]

Uros: The Floating Islands of Peru

uros floating islands peru

Over the past few decades, South America has become increasingly popular among travelers from all over the world. The continent features some of the most fascinating natural beauty that you will experience anywhere. And the amazing country of Peru is popular not only for its natural beauty but also for the many different cultures that […]

Adventure Travel in Peru

Adventure travelers often seek out countries that are known for their adventure activities, like the United States for its skiing, Nepal for the mountain climbing or some European countries for the rafting. But did you know that there are some Latin American countries that are also known for their adventures? For example, adventure travel in […]