Best things to do in Mancora

things to do in mancora

When you think of Peru, you don’t usually think of a beach destination. But still, in the north of Peru, you will find the best beaches in the Andean country. Among all the places available to enjoy the endless sun and the best waves, Máncora is the perfect destination. Filled with an aura and youthful […]

Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca

amantani Island

Puno is one of the best tourist destinations in the Andean country because Lake Titicaca is very close to the folk capital of Peru. This place is sacred to the ancient Incas, even today it is home to numerous communities on its different islands. Inside the Lake, you can enjoy tours and navigate around some […]

The Uros People of Lake Titicaca

the uros

Lake Titicaca shares borders with Peru and Bolivia and is one of the largest lakes in South America and home to multiple alternative indigenous cultures. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Lake is its numerous floating Islands, where The Uros people live, one of the many communities that live in the surroundings. That […]

Tips for your Family vacation in Peru

family vacations in peru

Peru is a country that guarantees not only unforgettable moments but also numerous tourist attractions, outdoor activities, and countless destinations to visit. You can enjoy it alone or with the whole family because the Andean country offers adventures for all kinds of audiences. You can enjoy landscapes with dreamy views, alternative indigenous cultures, and participate […]

Best Places to Visit in Northern Peru

northern peru

Many times due to attractions like Machu Picchu, northern Peru goes unnoticed by the radar of many tourists. But the truth is that in the north, there are a series of unmissable destinations for admirers of archaeological ruins, alternative cultures, and wildlife observers. You can experience all the geographical diversity of the Andean country added […]

Colca Canyon Full-Day Tour Guide

colca full day tour

After Machu Picchu, many look to the incredible Colca Canyon, one of the best tourist destinations in Peru. And it is with good reason since we are talking about one of the deepest canyons in the world, surpassing and doubling the depth of the well-known Grand Canyon. El Cañón and its Valley offer travelers the […]

Is Peru Safe?

safety in peru

In general, every traveler who wants to vacation in a foreign country wants to know how safe it is to be able to walk through its streets and enjoy without having to be paranoid. Much more when we speak of such a tourist destination as the Andean country. But regularly, you have nothing to worry […]

5 Relaxing Trip Ideas in Peru

relaxing trip to peru

Peru is a destination that is in the bucket list of many travelers, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, an infinity of archaeological ruins, and the Wonder of the World as its main attraction. It is usually a paradise for lovers of nature and outdoor activities, but Peru is a perfect destination to relax and disconnect […]

Full day in Lima, things to do in one day

full day in lima

Those who have a single day in the beautiful and iconic capital of the Andean country do not have to be alarmed, they can tour the best of this city and enjoy its most special places in just one day. Lima is usually the beginning of all adventure for different travelers since it is in […]

Aqua Expeditions, explore the Peruvian Amazon

aqua expeditions tours

Being able to see the Amazon River up close is one of the best things you can enjoy on a vacation in the Andean country. That is why together with Cusco Peru Travel we want to tell you a little about Aqua Expeditions and the luxurious and exclusive experience it offers within the Peruvian Amazon. […]