10 Days in Peru: Itinerary Ideas

10 days in peru

Exploring the vastness of destinations and attractions within Peru can seem a bit difficult if you don’t have a well-organized itinerary. And we know how difficult it can be to organize one with a few days available. But with the experts at Cusco Peru Travel, we have enough experience to organize personalized and tailor-made trips. […]

Titicaca: highest navigable lake in the world

titicaca highest navigable lake

Without a doubt, being able to explore the pristine and blue waters of the largest lake in South America is a wish to fulfill on the list of many travelers. And why wait to cross this wonderful destination off your bucket list? You can start organizing your trip right now. After all, we are talking […]

Amazon Wildlife in Peru

wildlife in peru

Peru is not only a great tourist destination for its inexhaustible options for archaeological ruins with an incredible history behind them. It is also a great destination where you can appreciate the different wildlife it houses due to its great geographical diversity. Thanks to the fact that a large part of the Amazon belongs to […]

Peru’s traditions

traditions in peru

Traveling is a pleasure that once tried, it is highly unlikely to leave your life completely. We all travel again at some point in our lives. One can even learn how to travel responsibly, not only preserving the environment and supporting local communities but also experimenting and learning from an alternative culture. Together with the […]

Intihuatana in Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable architectural and archaeological gems in Peru. It is one of the reasons why each year, it receives millions of visitors seeking to appreciate the different architectural structures and the imposing landscapes. Among its various structures, one of them stands out among all. The Intihuatana […]

Temple of the Moon Machu Picchu

temple of the moon

The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is one of the main attractions that travelers and adventurers seek to enjoy when they arrive in Peru. And with good reason, because the wonder of the world houses some of the most surprising constructions and structures to appreciate. Among them, you have places like the Intihuatana, The Temple […]

Pisac Archaeological Site


The Imperial City and its beautiful Sacred Valley are two of the highlights to enjoy within the many destinations in Peru. In general, the Valley and Cusco are usually mandatory stops for those who want to visit the amazing Wonder of the World. But the Valley has many attractions of great historical and anthropological value. […]

Ollantaytambo in Peru


When we talk about the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we know very well that it is one of the best places available within mystical Peru. Full of ruins and archaeological sites to explore, traditional towns where ancient traditions continue to be practiced, and endless opportunities for adventure tours. And one of its most magical […]

Surfing in Peru

surfing in peru

If you are looking to surf within the Andean limits, then you are not mistaken. Peru has countless places to enjoy the best waves in the Pacific Ocean. Even some academics and historians affirm that the Andean country is the true birthplace of this ancient sport. 2,500 years ago, local fishermen rode the waves in […]

Honeymoon Luxury Resorts & Hotels in Peru

luxury Resorts

When one thinks of romantic destinations or destinations to enjoy a honeymoon, one does not necessarily think of Peru first. But with all our years of experience in the country, we know very well how romantic the Andean country can be. With culinary delights to try in distinguished restaurants, incredible hotels where you can spend […]