Things to do in Cusco

things to do in cusco main square

For those who are planning their next vacation to Peru, we highly recommend visiting the beautiful city of Cusco. Well, this destination will not only leave you wanting more, but it will also take you a few days to fully explore it. This incredible destination is a mandatory stop for those looking to tour the […]

How to select a luxury tour in Peru

peru luxury tours luxury train

Peru is not only a great destination for backpackers and budget travel. It is a treasure when it comes to spending your vacation in the most luxurious way possible and pampering yourself a little. Although Peru is a country of many walks, that does not mean that one is forced to sleep in a tent […]

How to plan a trip to Peru

plan a trip to peru

In case you are wondering how to plan a trip to Peru, then this article may help you. But first of all, you should know that Peru is a fascinating gateway to the wildest adventures. It has many attractions and things to do with which you can have the best time of your life. And […]

Machu Picchu Travel Information

machu picchu travel information

Thousands of travelers a day travel from all over the world to visit the renowned Machu Picchu. Everyone is amazed by the breathtaking beauty that surrounds the site. Fascinating ruins, a unique ecosystem, and otherworldly views. Within the high Andes of Peru is where Machu Picchu takes place. Traveling to this iconic and impressive Inca […]

How to organize your holidays to Peru

holidays in peru

Holidays in Peru? It sounds marvelous. Peru houses inspiring landscapes, bewitching cultures rooted in ancient history, and a wealth of biodiversity. They make Peru one of the most mesmerizing and interesting destinations in South America. Certainly, your holidays in Peru will boast all of the world’s allure and splendor. There is no need to say […]

Top 10 best luxury hotels & resorts in Cusco

jacy clare

Thanks to the increase in tourism in recent years. In recent years, the choice of luxury hotels has improved tremendously. Many major hotel chains have opened luxury hotels in Cusco. The best hotels in Cusco are located in the historic center of the city, near the Plaza de Armas. The hotels are located in old […]

Best places to travel in Peru in summer

Peru is located in the southern hemisphere, so summer is the opposite of North America or Europe. That is why when the northern hemisphere is experiencing snow and cold weather, here in Peru, the summer season is passing. And without a doubt, summer in Peru is the best season to enjoy your vacations. Forget about […]

Luxury Amazon cruises in Peru

river cruises in peru

Within Peru and its infinite attractions, one of the best things to do is take an all-inclusive cruise within one of the largest rivers in the world. Numerous Amazon facts are surrounding this huge river. And the best way to get to know it is on a luxurious journey through it. You will be able […]