Luxury Inca Trail Trek: a great challenge

luxury inca trail trek

When it comes to the Inca Trail, not many believe in a luxurious experience. Many imagine a tough hike through the Andes mountain range. All while camping and eating regularly to get to the citadel. And this is true, it is usually an alternative for those adventurous souls who seek to appreciate enchanting landscapes. It […]

Top-Rated restaurants in Cusco

best restaurants in cusco

In recent years, Peru has been known as the number one destination for gastronomy. The country is known around the world for its wonderful cuisine and locally grown organic produce. The Peruvian food movement has come to light in recent years thanks to a group of forward-thinking chefs who have taken Peru to the world […]

Machu Picchu luxury tour experience

machu picchu luxury tour

Being able to see the famous Inca citadel is the dream of every traveler. And being able to cross this feat off our bucket list becomes a milestone for anyone who enjoys adventure. Machu Picchu is a destination that has it all, and being able to enjoy the Wonder of the World can be a […]

How to get from Cusco to Lake Titicaca?

from cusco to lake titicaca highlands

As good Peruvians, the Cusco Peru Travel team has traveled through our vibrant country many times. But if we started to make a list of the most beautiful, impressive, and historical attractions in Peru, the list would be endless. However, one of the places that top the list is the famous Lake Titicaca. This is […]

Climbing Rainbow Mountain in Cusco

the rainbow mountain in peru

There are millions of reasons to explore Peru and we are not saying this because we, the Cusco Peru Travel team, love this country. Unquestionably, the diverse geography of Peru and the vestiges of its Inca civilization seduce any type of traveler. One of these good reasons is that Cusco is the gateway to the […]

Luxury on a budget in Peru

luxury on a budget in peru

You can enjoy luxury on a budget in Peru. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but it is not so in this case. Compared to other continents of the world, such as Europe, Asia, or North America, South America is still reasonably cheap to travel in luxury. Peru, for example, is a country […]

How important it is to have a Peru travel guide

peru travel guide

While traveling to Peru, you most likely want to see a lot of this beautiful country. Especially if it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip like Peru. You are going to be excited to visit as much as possible and know as much as possible about each place. Sure, many travel books about Peru will give you […]