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Our story

Since we first arrived on the luxury private travel scene in 2011, CuscoPeru.Travel has provided the most privileged and comfortable travel experiences available, with the purpose of designing special luxury private itineraries, tailor-made to each of our special guests who want to journey to Peru. Making available the most sought-after and privileged access to the top exclusive luxury destinations in Peru.

We have a highly specialized team with over 10 years of experience, which serves as a foundation to offer extraordinary services inside the luxury travel market. We highly value the fine art, history, archeology, gastronomy, and overall colorful nature of our beautiful country. In order to show our special clients the best options of luxury private travel, and the most refined aspects of Peru’s charms. But, we don’t stop there, all the best hotels and services also are at disposal of our clients and we won´t rest until they have the best luxury vacation, just according to their dreams.

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We create your perfect trip by listening to you

Our main office is located in the millenary city of Cusco but, in our veins, run all the Peru blood types, which means we have an extensive network of connections throughout the country and even beyond. With this structure rest assured we will be there when you need us, whatever part of Peru or beyond. That being said, our staff is always available for you around the clock 24/7. We have itineraries ranging from an exclusive private family tour in Machu Picchu, exotic luxury cruises for your honeymoon in the Amazon, and an unforgettable wedding on a remote beach. For these reasons, we can arrange a private party high in the clouds of the Andes Mountains or if you prefer a private retreat deep in the Jungle. In other words, whatever you want, we can make it possible. There are no Limits!

The travel designers

We are proud to provide professional travel designers working endlessly to offer honest and real first-hand recommendations to ensure that all tailor-made trips fit perfectly according to our guest’s desires. Remember, our high-quality staff is Peruvians, they traveled along all their country and are passionate to offer you the best tailor-made experience according to your desires. Whether it is just a solo traveler or a group of twenty it doesn’t matter; the luxury service will be the same for both cases. Don’t just take our word for it! We are backed by endless reviews in our Testimonials area. There are many people like you, who share the same lust for the exotic lifestyle and the luxury experiences in the best places in Peru and South America and they trusted in us. Cheer up to be part of this wonderful group of satisfied travelers!

Eight reasons to travel with us

Why Choose CuscoPeruTravel

We work with the best hotels and the most exclusive suppliers to get you our client the best luxury services available. When you reserve your dream luxury and private holiday, rest assured you will receive the best of the best.

You get the exact luxury holiday that you want. Here at CuscoPeruTravel we have 8 itineraries specially designed with the luxury and private traveler in mind, if you don’t find what you are looking for we can design a luxury itinerary together to get exactly what you want and need.

We strive to deliver exceptional private luxury itineraries in Peru. In CuscoPeruTravel we listen first to your desires, needs, time constraints, budgets, and personal travel style. Then, we take those into account to deliver you luxury experiences that are far from the norm, exclusively design for you.

Ask all your queries to our expert travel designer who knows very well every corner of his country. All our agents have traveled extensively through Peru and South America and can give you the best advices. Also, rest assured you can always speak to someone of CuscoTravelPeru who knows about luxury travel, in any moment.

Your money is protected. CuscoPeruTravel has been working for years with large and responsible Peruvian financial entities. Therefore, we has a solid financial position with many financial assets and no debts. Ensuring your advance payments and make you feel tranquil.

Multi-award-winning company, obtaining many luxury travel medals. In several occasions, we were awarded Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor based of testimonials to our services and value for money.

Our infrastructure and network of partners with who we have worked with for many years were selected based on the quality of their luxury services and on their sustainable practices, which ensure local communities (located around of our destinies) benefit , as well as you our clients.

Here at CuscoPeruTravel, we never rest. We are constantly looking to discover new and original experiences that can make our private luxury itineraries Peru truly unique. Our only objective, your satisfaction.

How the holidays work?

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Unforgettable experiences

The major reason our luxury holidays work is we are really flexible and are committed to our high quality customer service. Our luxury packages are second to none. We have years of experience in the industry and we offer that expertise to you, our luxury valued client. All this means is that our clients can choose what places they want to visit and combine different excursions, experiences. And we will accompany these choices with luxury details and exclusive services. In the past few years the luxury hotel market has exploded in Peru so the choice of Hotels is endless. Also, your luxury tour will combine your own private guides and transport which means you can go at your own pace. Therefore, why not make your own luxury itineraries for you and your family or chose one of our designed itineraries?
The last word always has you.

Real life experiences

The CuscoPeruTravel client is one of the travelers with the most refined taste within all tourists. Our clients goes from couples who are our largest group of visitors who want to see Peru, to families who enjoy making their own arrangements, but, without the quality being affected. Our high quality attracts all people for all walks of life. This in accordance with the world in which we live, full of people who are curious and have a desire to discover new cultures. For this reason we are here to help our client with refined taste, curious and with desire to conquest the world, making real their desires in the Andean country.

Adventure should be for everyone

Most of our clients travel with friends, family or small groups, but we also have a good number of travelers who enjoy the experience of travelling completely alone in luxury experiences. Enjoying the tours, charms and the exclusive time that traveling alone affords. Therefore, whatever way you choose to travel, CuscoPeruTravel have what you need to make the perfect holiday. It will be our pleasure to help you make the perfect luxury trip. It doesn’t matter if you travel alone or in company, we have the best options for you to enjoy our luxury packages in the same way.

With great travel comes great responsibility

Behind of each detail, a compromise is acquired. Our luxury experiences in Peru, taylor made to your desire, carry responsibilities that we assume. Starting your tours on time, clearly informing you of what each service consists of, accompanying you in each part of your tour of Peru, clearly answering your questions before, during and after your experiences in the Andean country, among other compromises. Therefore CuscoTravelPeru assume the responsibility of accompany you in all your process for enjoy the entire experience in Peru. More than a responsibility, a pleasure.