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Five tips for adventure holidays in Peru with children

Just thinking about going on vacation with the whole family makes some people start to sweat. Especially, when planning on going to more distant destinations that include a several-hour flight, oneway, to even get there. When it comes to traveling with your family you might want to organize everything well in advance and check out activities that are suitable for everyone, whether you have toddlers or teenagers. Here are five tips for your adventure holidays Peru with the whole pack:

1: Be prepared

Before you hop onto that flight or whatever transport you use to get to your final destination, make sure you have packed everything that comes in handy when traveling with your children. Important things are, for example, baby wipes. They are not only useful when traveling with toddlers but children of any age. You can use them for washing hands, cleaning toilet seats and wiping restaurant tables. Another item you would want to take with you is a hand cleaner. In the same spirit, make sure you take all the medicine required with you, your first-aid kit should include – among other things – plasters, antiseptic wipes, and a thermometer. Before even entering the plane do not forget to check the validity of all passports! It has happened that while queuing parents notice that their children’s passports have expired. While you also want to always count with extra time to get from A to B when traveling with kids, take some toys and family games with you in case of delays.

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2: Consider the different climates

Peru consists of various different micro-climates, but you can divide it into three different main areas: the coast, the Andes and the jungle. While along the coast the weather is either sunny and warm or relatively mild and cloudy, it is already very different in the Andes. There you will experience either rainy season with lots of rainfall and mild temperatures or dry season with sunshine but chilly nights. But be aware, the weather there can change within minutes.

The jungle region is also affected by the rainy season, however, temperatures do not vary as drastically as in the Andes. Temperatures are quite steady and the climate is humid. Therefore, make sure that your suitcases are filled with clothes suitable for every region you plan on visiting. The best option is probably going for layers to be prepared for both chilly and sunny days at the same time. In the same context look for the best time to visit Peru. That depends heavily on where you want to go. For example, while it is rainy in the Andes it is sunny along the coast.

Generally, the months April / May and October / November, also known as “shoulder months”, have often proved to be the best months for a visit as the herds of tourists still have not arrived and you will encounter lush nature with pleasant weather.

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3: Look for family-friendly Peru destinations

There is really so much to see in Peru! But when it comes to family vacation, concerns may come up that family-friendly destinations might be very limited. But do not fear, there are plenty of options! Lima might seem like a really big city and not too beautiful at first sight. Surprisingly, there are actually a lot of beautiful places to see. For example, numerous museums, the Parque de la Amistad (Friendship Park), the Parque de la Imaginación (Imagination park) and explore the exquisite Peruvian cuisine, with some of the world’s top restaurants located in Lima.

Only a few-hour bus ride away you can explore the Nazca Lines and Ballestas Islands next to Paracas.

From there it is only a short flight to Cusco, the ancient Inca capital in the Andes. There are some interesting sites around, for example, the Inca complex Sacsayhuaman, Puca Pucara, Q’enko and Tambomachay. Only a 40-minute drive away lies the incredible Sacred Valley. A great place to visit with the whole family, especially the salt mines of Maras and the fascinating circular terraces of Moray. But that’s not it, the small towns Ollantaytambo, Pisac, and Chinchero are home to impressive archaeological sites with their giant slabs fitting seamlessly into a jigsaw puzzle, and being basically a huge playground for any child.

For more destinations, during your adventure holidays Peru, check out Arequipa with the amazing Colca Canyon and Condor spotting, as well as the Lake Titicaca with the floating islands Uros. Also, don’t miss out on the jungle! Visit either Iquitos in the north of Puerto Maldonado in the east or both. The incredible flora and the fascinating wildlife is a paradise for any animal and nature-loving child, with spotting caimans, jaguars, monkeys, parrots and much more.

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4: Plan ahead of time

For your Peru trip with the whole family, especially if you are a larger group, it is very recommendable to plan well ahead of time. You do not want to arrive in an unknown place with tired and –  worst-case – crying and hungry children and still have to look for a place to stay. Furthermore, depending on the season you might find that there won’t be much availability left at hotels/hostels, etc. That also applies to any entrance tickets, for example, and particularly for Machu Picchu. In busy season (basically dry season in the Andes) they might all sell completely out. Avoid a stressful situation by organizing everything in advance.

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5: Involve children in the planning

This mostly applies to older children. While in the planning stage of your adventure holidays Peru it is important to respect the wishes of your children. They might have some good ideas or preferences about where they want to go. This way it can be a great Peru vacation if you take everyone’s wishes, or at least as much as possible, into account. Make sure of which is the best way to combine all the destinations or contact a travel agent who can support you and already has a lot of experience with organizing a family holiday.

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