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5 Affordable Luxury Travel Ideas That Will Make Your Next Vacation in Peru

For those people who are looking for ideas to enjoy a beautiful luxury vacation with the family or a partner, this article can be very helpful. We all know that one of the main destinations in Peru is Machu Picchu, but the Inca country is much more than this wonder. Peru is much more than its wonder of the world, it is made up of culture and tradition that its people still keep intact despite globalization around the world. Countless landscapes with a whole spectrum of climates and animals to observe. Therefore, together with Cusco Peru Travel, we have decided to propose some ideas for your affordable luxury travel.

Usually, when we talk about luxury travel, we associate them with very wealthy and rich people. But it is not necessarily the case within this beautiful country. Inside Peru, you can enjoy incredible unique destinations with luxury features at a totally affordable price.

Peru offers many things to do and relax, from challenging activities like the Inca Trail to relaxing ones like thermal baths. It’s a matter of choosing a complete itinerary for your all-inclusive luxury vacations. That is why we are giving you some incredible ideas for your journey so that you enjoy yourself alone or in the company of your partner or family.



affordable luxury travel cusco

Every affordable luxury travel becomes incomplete without first visiting the incredible city of Cusco. It is considered one of the oldest inhabited cities in all of America and visited by thousands of tourists a day. You will be able to enjoy an obviously Pre-Columbian architecture mixed with modern shades. A clear example of this is the Coricancha Temple, destroyed in the Spanish invasion. You will see a complete rebuilt temple with a mix of Spanish architecture and ancient Inca walls. You will notice this mixture throughout the city.

Within Cusco, you will enjoy various activities and various museums or ruins to visit. Normally, the people who arrive in the Imperial City decide to stay for a few days for suitable acclimatization. On those days, you can enjoy an active nightlife and incredible traditional restaurants to try the legendary Peruvian cuisine.


affordable luxury travel sacred valley moray

If your itinerary includes Cusco as a point, this destination is practically on your way. The Sacred Valley together with Cusco and Machu Picchu make up the center of the ancient Inca Empire. This highly fertile area is the most traditional region of the South American Andes. This place is often chosen as a lodging point for various tourists. Since, in addition to having impressive natural landscapes, you will be able to acclimatize better by being at a lower altitude than Cusco. In case you are looking for luxury vacation deals, here you will find highly recommended luxury accommodations.

In this wonderful valley, you will find various archaeological ruins to visit, such as Moray or Pisac. The immense valley is one of the places that you cannot miss if you want to know the heart of the ancient Inca Empire.


affordable luxury travel huacachina

To those who plan a luxury vacation, Huacachina is a must on your itinerary. Huacachina is a unique desert oasis in all of South America. This small town is located just outside of Ica in southwestern Peru. The immense dunes that surround the town are an attraction for every tourist who loves action. The main activities are sandboarding and high-speed dune buggy ride, both are highly recommended.


affordable luxury travel northern beaches

For young people looking for affordable luxury travel, the beaches of Máncora are an ideal destination. This beautiful place is chosen by thousands of tourists looking for quality waves to surf. Located on the northern coast of Peru, the beach town of Máncora is a lure for every amateur or professional surfer.

In this beautiful jovial city, you will enjoy beaches with crystal clear waters, a very active nightlife and young people enjoying everywhere. This destination is ideal if you want to experience with friends or family.


affordable luxury travel amazon rainforest

After experiencing an amazing Machu Picchu luxury tour, you could take a plane to Iquitos and continue your adventure. Iquitos is a port city inaccessible by land, it is only possible to reach it by boat or plane. Its exclusivity and location give a unique aura to this incredible place. Located in the remote Amazon, where thousands of species of animals and plants coexist in harmony. You will be able to witness biodiversity in the magical noises of the night or also daring to enter the different Parks and Reserves that Amazon offers. If this is not enough, you can always take one of the best affordable luxury travel on the Amazon River where a small cruise will take you in the different landscapes that seem to have been taken from another dimension. Dare to enjoy a unique experience in the Amazon.


Cusco Peru Travel hopes to have been helpful in your travel plans. Keep in mind that these ideas are just a glimpse of everything that Peru can give. Dare to adventure and experience Peru with us!

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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