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Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca

Puno is one of the best tourist destinations in the Andean country because Lake Titicaca is very close to the folk capital of Peru. This place is sacred to the ancient Incas, even today it is home to numerous communities on its different islands. Inside the Lake, you can enjoy tours and navigate around some islands, including Amantani Island. This is one of the best islands to enjoy a tour or convivial tourism due to its abundant natural wealth. For this reason, together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we want to tell you a little about this beautiful island and its main attractions.




Amantani Island info

Amantani Island is one of the best tourist options to get away from the bustling cities and the daily routine. The island is located about 4,000 meters above sea level within Lake Titicaca Peru and is one of its largest islands. You will find a natural and calm environment, with numerous and varied vegetation giving it an aura full of peace. One of the main characteristics of the place is that it has a great extension of Lake Titicaca, giving it some beautiful views of the place. Despite being a popular tourist destination, it has not undergone modifications or projects for tourism purposes, maintaining its original essence. Within some Lake Titicaca tours, you can enjoy a beautiful tour on the Island where you can visit some archaeological ruins of the place or learn about the culture of the indigenous peoples that inhabit it.


Amantani Island history

Along the Amantani Island, there are numerous archaeological ruins. Some of these ruins give evidence that the original cultures native to the place were part of the Tiahuanaco culture and later integrated into the majestic Inca Empire. Peruvian history played a leading role on the island since during the Viceroyalty it is very likely that the Spanish appropriated these lands, enslaving the communities that inhabited it. The aborigines from the islands were always deprived until relatively recently.

Today, within the Island there are approximately 8 indigenous communities, of which they rely on agricultural activities. There are also numerous tours and travel options in this incredible place, making it a perfect destination to enjoy some vacations in Peru.


Amantani Island attractions

Within Amantani Island, you will find numerous attractions in addition to sharing the day with the different communities. You will be able to tour some archaeological ruins and discover the mythological secrets of the Andean culture in the process. Or simply enjoy Lake Titicaca, whatever your decision, you will find many wonderful things to entertain yourself with. It would even be a good idea to explore this area after you visit the Capital of the Inca Empire at Cusco. Your Cusco to Lake Titicaca tour allows you to visit this must-see Peruvian gems.

  • INCATIANA: It is a stone carved in the shape of an armchair and is located on the Tequencuro beach. Formerly, within the Incatiana community, this chair would have been used by the Inca in their daily baths.
  • INCACHAKI: It is a small rock with some holes or cavities whose appearance is very similar to that of a human.
  • PACHATATA: The Pachatata is one of the temples located in the hills of the Island, it is representative of Father Heaven. The Pachatata and the Pachamama are temples where ancient traditions are usually celebrated, both representing the duality of the Andean culture.
  • PACHAMAMA: Another of the temples found in the hills of Amantani Island, this is representative of Mother Earth.


Amantani Island tour uros

To enjoy a tour of Amantani Island, it is best to have at least 2 days available. Usually, a tour to the different islands of Lake Titicaca includes Taquile Island and The Uros floating islands. Depending on the approach of your trip, you can enjoy staying in one of these islands. If your goal is the beautiful Amantani island, you can take advantage of convivial tourism, in which you can stay with one of the families in the community and share a day with them. You will also have time to explore the Island on your own and enjoy some attractions such as Pachatata or Pachamama.


Amantani Island how to get there

To get to Amantani Island, you would first have to get to the beautiful folk capital of Peru, Puno. Before leaving for your adventure, you can enjoy many things to do in Puno. Don’t miss out on this amazing port city before enjoying a tour to the islands. To get to the Island, you have to make a trip of about 3 hours and 45 minutes approximately from Puno. The trip is made in a motorboat and upon arrival, you can choose to stay for the night and enjoy more convivial tourism. Dare to know the communities that inhabit the place. You can easily arrange this tour with tourist agencies in Puno or simply book with us.


Cusco Peru Travel hopes to have been helpful to you regarding the amazing Amantani Island. You can get to know this beautiful place with us and make the most of your next trip to Peru. If you have any questions about our numerous travel options, you can speak to our qualified advisers. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

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