Peru Amazon locations for seeing wildlife

With a rich cultural history and varied wildlife to appreciate, Peru is an excellent choice for adventure travelers. And covering a considerable part of the South American continent, the Amazon rainforest is an ideal region for sighting tours. Peru is home to the largest section of the Amazon rainforest outside of Brazil. Its birds, butterflies, and orchids are a spectacle in this region. Therefore, together with the luxury travel experts at Cusco Peru Travel, we have prepared an article with some places to appreciate amazon wildlife. Get to know the best destinations where to spot the Amazon wildlife of Peru.

Destinations to appreciate the Amazon wildlife in Peru


amazon wildlife in the peruvian amazon

It is in Peru where you can see the largest number of clay licks than anywhere else in South America. The clay licks are areas where different birds and mammals visit to obtain different salts. So they are an incredible show where you can observe the Amazon wildlife. But the clay licks are not all that the Amazon can offer you. The Peruvian Amazon is a fascinating, beautiful, and rare place to behold. Whatever part of the Amazon you decide to visit, a great variety of Amazon wildlife will give you the opportunity. You can listen to the amazing sounds of the jungle, sleep in a jungle lodge, and live unique and wonderful experiences. With so many things to do in the Peruvian Amazon, you cannot miss visiting this destination.


amazon wildlife in iquitos

Iquitos is a large city located in the northeast region of Peru. One of the best Amazon facts is that it is considered the largest city in the world that cannot be accessed by road. The only way to get there is by plane or riverboat. The city of Iquitos is a fascinating example of a jungle city. This bustling city is a tourist destination in itself due to the many colorful mansions in the city center. These were the properties of millionaires who lived during the rubber boom in the early 20th century. Many of the visitors consider the city as a base for the different tours and sightseeing tours of Amazon wildlife. Some of the main tours are the amazing luxury Amazon cruises or excursions around the city. Iquitos has numerous luxurious and quality accommodations.


amazon wildlife in puerto maldonado

But Iquitos is not the only city that works as a base for the different luxury Peru tours of the Amazon. Puerto Maldonado is the second world-class destination for Amazonian adventures. Located east of Cusco, towards the border between Brazil and Bolivia, is this beautiful jungle town. Puerto Maldonado is surrounded by some of the most important national parks in Peru. Such as Manu and Tambopata, considered the best in the continent to appreciate the Amazon wildlife. If you are a bird lover, you will be fascinated by this place. One of the most popular animals to see is the rainbow-colored macaw, although there are also a wide variety of exotic animals in the region.


amazon wildlife in the manu national park

The Manu region is mainly made up of the beautiful Manu National Park. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains exorbitant levels of biodiversity. With more than 15,000 species of plants, 1000 species of birds, and more than 400 species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. The access to the National Park is strictly controlled. Tourism is generally only allowed in the Cultural Zone and the Reserved Zone. One of the benefits of the Cultural Zone is that it is accessible from Cusco on a one-day road trip. The Reserved Zone has abundant Amazon wildlife to observe and can be an excellent option for specialized sighting tours.


tambopata national reserve

Tambopata is a province in southeastern Peru that lies within the Madre de Dios region. The region is generally accessed via short flights from Lima or Cusco. The flights land in the beautiful city of Puerto Maldonado, the capital of the Madre de Dios region. The Tambopata region is mainly made up of the Tambopata National Reserve. This reserve is one of the best destinations to enjoy Amazon wildlife. Being so close to the Manu region, they have almost the same levels of biodiversity. Which makes the Tambopata region an excellent destination to observe the Amazon wildlife. The region also contains some quality accommodations to relax after the different tours. Compared to Manu, it is a region with very easy access and not too far from the city of Puerto Maldonado.


what to expect of the amazon wildlife

What you can expect from an Amazonian experience is not much different than adventure tours in Peru or luxury tours. Despite being such a remote region, the accommodation options, guides and attractions are the same or better. Even in the last few years, there have been excellent options for ecotourism in Peru. When planning your trip, consider your choice of tours, accommodations, and agencies. Since it is the level of service, knowledge, comfort, and skill of the guides that will make your experience unique. With this in mind, we can guide you to make your trip a wonderful one. Get ready to know the best of the Amazon wildlife in Peru.


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