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Aqua Expeditions, explore the Peruvian Amazon

Being able to see the Amazon River up close is one of the best things you can enjoy on a vacation in the Andean country. That is why together with Cusco Peru Travel we want to tell you a little about Aqua Expeditions and the luxurious and exclusive experience it offers within the Peruvian Amazon. Aqua Expeditions caters to adventurers with a thirst for exploration seeking a high-end experience, providing immersive expeditions to astonishing destinations that can only be enjoyed through a cruise on one of the world’s most famous rivers. They have a great experience in natural environments and on each trip you can enjoy personalized activities, private excursions, a service from another world, and all this with a focus on sustainability. Then we will tell you a little about everything you can enjoy with them.



aqua expeditions experience

Aqua Expeditions offers one of the most luxurious and exclusive experiences for explorers of the Peruvian Amazon. The experience is carefully designed for demanding travelers looking for the pleasure and comforts that a 5-star hotel can offer but in the remoteness and privacy of the Peru jungle. The entire fleet of cruises available is designed and thought to elevate your experience through the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the different ships are custom-made with a cutting-edge design inspired by the need for a luxurious and exclusive experience on the Amazon River. Designed by a Peruvian architect, the luxury cruise ship features large panoramic windows that go from ceiling to floor, plus facilities made for you to enjoy your tour of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. All trips are customized to suit clients and boast small group guided excursions around the Reserve. Each trip promises to make unforgettable memories and leave stories to share, all while enjoying the exceptional landscapes, the different animals, the culture and history of the place.


aqua expeditions aria amazon

Among the cruises available in Aqua Expeditions, you will find that the Aria Amazon is one of its classic and most exclusive options. You will be able to experience in style and comfort the different and spacious 16 suites decorated with wooden interiors together with top-quality accessories and furniture. Among the suites, there are 4 inter-connectable suites for those large families who wish to be together during the tour. You can also enjoy services such as air conditioning, lounge areas with a sofa, luxury, and private bathrooms, and much more that will make your experience a unique one. The Aria Amazon is one of the best river cruises in Peru to enjoy the beautiful Amazon landscapes and the abundant wildlife it houses.


aqua expeditions aqua nera

If you are going to travel to Iquitos, then one of the best tours to enjoy is a luxurious cruise in the Amazon. Aqua Nera seeks to set a new standard for luxury and exclusive cruises that cross the Amazon River. Its design is inspired by the different black water lagoons found in the Peruvian Amazon, along with attributes of contemporary style and beautiful interiors that you could expect from any cruise on Aqua Expeditions. The Aqua Nera contains 20 spacious suites whose style provides unparalleled Amazonian tranquility and the common spaces boast an ostentatious elegance to envy. Added to this, you can enjoy a unique cuisine prepared by renowned chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of the best in Peru. Get ready to experience the Amazon as you’ve never done before aboard one of the best cruises available.


aqua expeditions secondary trips

Being able to travel on an upscale adventure river cruise Amazon is one of the best things to enjoy on a tour, even more so when it comes to one of the Aqua Expeditions cruises. This is an all-inclusive trip, where you can appreciate not only stunning landscapes but also a variety of luxurious excursions. With no need for oversold tours or waiting, you can enjoy private speedboat explorations through the remote Amazon. You can enjoy rides on kayaks, bicycles, or speedboats within the Reserve and its surroundings. Among its many activities, you will find fishing excursions, wildlife watching, diving into natural thermal pools, and bike rides through the native village of Nauta.


aqua expeditions delicious food

Within the Aqua Expeditions cruises, you will find not only comforts and luxuries belonging to a 5-star hotel, but you will also enjoy a culinary experience like no other. The cruises have a menu prepared by one of the gastronomic legends of Peru. Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino influenced the cuisine prepared on cruise ships, with a full menu of dishes using 100% indigenous ingredients. Each fresh ingredient comes from the same Peruvian Amazon to complete your experience with the best and most original flavors available. As in any luxury amazon tour, you can experience the best of the Andean country with the experts of the place.


As you will see Aqua Expeditions is not only a company dedicated to cruises through the Amazon, it is a company dedicated to providing the greatest luxury and privacy in an environment like that of the Peruvian Amazon. We hope together with Cusco Peru Travel to have encouraged your next visit to one of the most exotic and unimaginable places to enjoy luxury and exclusivity. If you have any kind of question, you can consult with our trained advisers.

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