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Best luxury Peru Vacations

When it comes to luxury vacations, our travel experts know what they’re doing. And fortunately, Peru is a magical country where exclusive experiences are enhanced by wonderful landscapes and attractions. From being able to enjoy a luxurious cruise with all the comforts of a 5-star hotel to traveling on one of the high-end trains to the wonderful Inca citadel. The options are endless, and any tour in Peru can be carried out luxuriously and ostentatiously. It is up to you to be able to enjoy this country as very few do. Therefore, together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we have prepared a small article where we focus on luxury vacations. Meet some of our most popular programs!

Some of the best luxury vacations to enjoy in Peru


luxury vacations start planning

If you are thinking about how to plan a trip to Peru, we can help you choose some incredible destinations. First of all, it would be ideal to start with a little research about the destinations you would like to know the most. In this way, you can have a general idea of ​​where you are, either to know prices or the best tourist attractions. When you have a list of your favorite destinations to visit, you can start putting together your own itinerary or book tickets and tickets in advance.


best luxury vacations

You will find many wonderful destinations within the Andean country, it is a matter of choosing those that you want to enjoy on your adventure. You can visit all your favorite places in one trip, you just need to get organized. In case you don’t have enough time to do it, you can leave that task to us to take care of all the details. If you choose a tour operator like us, you can choose from a wide variety of luxury travel destinations. If none is to your liking, you can create your customized trip.


Being a company with many years of experience in Peru, we have enough experience when it comes to luxury vacations. And we only dedicate ourselves to offering the most exclusive and high-end services for our guests. Among the packages we offer, some of the most chosen are:


luxury vacations inca trail

In this incredible luxury adventure travel option, you will be able to enjoy incredible places like Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, and the imposing Machu Picchu. All these places you can experience together with your family or friends, experiencing the essence and culture of this magical ancestral country. In 6 days and 5 nights, you will be able to visit the main attractions of Peru.

  • This trip will begin with your arrival in the “City Of Kings“, where you will be welcomed in your accommodation and your entire itinerary will be explained to you. Depending on your arrival time, you can enjoy a beautiful tour through the city of Lima and its main restaurants.
  • Then you will fly to Cusco, where you can experience the Imperial City and the incredible Sacred Valley. You will take a tour of these beautiful places to learn about their tradition and culture.
  • On your third day, you will start one of the most challenging and adventurous activities that you will have experienced. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is an incredible experience to know how the ancient Incas were heading towards the citadel.
  • On the fourth day, you will be able to witness the long-awaited Machu Picchu, where you will have a guided tour of the entire complex and then return to Cusco.
  • On the fifth day, you will have a more intimate experience of the Imperial City and you will be able to enjoy its main tourist attractions such as the Qoricancha or Sacsayhuaman.
  • Finally, on the last day, it will be your farewell to the Andean country, where you will have enough time for the last arrangements. This itinerary is one of the best luxury vacations to enjoy the main destinations in Peru.


luxury vacations amazon luxury cruise

If you want to visit Peru, then this incredible pre-programmed package will be to your liking. For those who wish to explore the unknown and mystical, we have designed this totally exotic adventure in the remote Peruvian Amazon. You can experience destinations such as Lima, Iquitos, Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. All in a period of 10 days and 9 nights in which you will enjoy most of the Andean Country.

  • As in the previous package, on your first day, you will arrive first in Lima, where you will be taken to your accommodation. You will be able to explore the city a bit depending on the time you have.
  • Then on the second day, you will take a direct flight to Iquitos, the port city in the jungle. There, you can enjoy an incredible and exclusive cruise through the Amazon River. Few experiences compare to enjoying an all-inclusive service in one of the most remote places on earth.
  • After a few days of enjoying this wonderful living, you can experience luxury travel to Machu Picchu.


luxury vacations amazing andean adventure

Within this beautiful pre-programmed tour you will have the opportunity to know some of the best destinations in Peru. If you were looking for reasons to visit Peru, look no further. This popular package among our clients will allow you to visit some important attractions while enjoying the expected exclusivities. In just 9 days and 8 nights, you will have at your disposal some of the best views of Peru.

  • First of all, you will start your adventure in Lima. It is considered the gastronomic capital of South America. But its cuisine and gastronomy is not the only thing to offer, since it is also home to some of the best museums in Peru.
  • Then you will continue your journey towards the intriguing Nazca Lines. These can be defined as a series of amazing shapes that are best appreciated from the air.
  • After that, you will continue your journey to the beautiful Ballestas Islands. One of the best destinations to spot wildlife in Peru. These are teeming with sea lions, dolphins, seabirds, and penguins.
  • Finished your tour, you will continue to the heart of the Inca Empire in the Andes. We refer to the beautiful Imperial City of Cusco. Here you will take a private tour through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and some of the most important archaeological ruins. Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Las Salineras de Maras, and Moray will be some of the few stops that you will have to appreciate.
  • And of course, you will continue your journey to the Wonder of the World known as Machu Picchu. This destination is essential and unavoidable for any of the luxury Peru tours.
  • Finally, you will return to Cusco where you can relax and explore on your own before saying goodbye.


luxury vacations crossing the amazon towards the andes

In a span of 9 days and 8 nights, you can feel like an explorer. Within this exclusive tailor-made itinerary, you will have the opportunity to discover some of the most remote and wonderful places in the Andean country. This luxury program invites our travelers to experience an unparalleled journey. This program focuses on discovering two natural regions of Peru: The Peruvian Jungle and the Peruvian Andes.

  • For this, you will begin your tour in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to the different routes of the jungle. Your trip will take you to the heart of the Tambopata National Reserve where you will experience some of the best luxury amazon lodges.
  • After a few days exploring the jungle, you will head towards the Andes to visit some traditional villages.
  • After knowing the most important archaeological sites around, you will have the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu. Also known as the “Lost City of the Incas”. A must-see in any of our travel programs.
  • You will finally have the opportunity to explore Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. Visit the different elegant colonial churches in the surroundings.


These packages are just one example of everything you could enjoy in just a few days. If you want to know many more destinations within your plans, it is totally possible to put together a personal itinerary for you. Remember that you can enjoy much more than Machu Picchu in the Andean country. Dare to adventure and enjoy one of the best luxury vacations in this mystical Country. We hope together with Cusco Peru Travel that this article has helped plan your future vacation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to consult our advisors.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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