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Your Best trip to Peru

With Machu Picchu, Peru is one of the most visited countries in South America. Sure, it does offer quite a lot, from the breathtaking landscapes to impressive Incan sites to the buzzing Flora and Fauna in the Amazon and of course the delicious food. From North to South, East to West the variety of places one must-see is huge.

How to plan a trip to Peru

Step one, before you hop onto that flight or bus and cross the border to Peru, you might want to check out the places you want to visit on your Peru trip, especially if you have limited time. With so many options it is recommendable to think about planning your trip to Peru. So, what are the most important things you need consider when you do so?

  • Think about what you are most interested in. Do your interests lay more in cultural visits, adventure or exploring the jungle’s impressive nature and wildlife?
  • According to the mentioned above, inform yourself where exactly in Peru you can find it.
  • Look up the seasons! You might not be able to visit some Peru tourist places because they are closed due to rainy season (e. g. the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek).
  • Pack your bags according to the season.
  • Make sure your passport is still valid. You usually get a Tourist Visa (90 days) once you enter Lima airport, however, there may be different regulations for some countries.

Once you have done all the above mentioned Step two follows: make out all the Peru tourist locations.


If you are more interested in the cultural side of Peru, definitely do not miss Cusco. Once the Incan capital it is the perfect base to start most of the cultural visits you have planned. Plenty of ancient Incan archeological sites are surrounding Cusco. Get your boleto turistico parcial to visit the most important ones in one day. If you wish to see, even more, get the boleto turistico completo which is valid for 10 days. Also, if you are on your way to Maras (salt flats) make sure to go to Moray, which is believed to once have been some sort of an agricultural laboratory to the Incas. In case you just arrived at Lima and do not want to wait until you get to Cusco, hop on a bus that takes you to Nazca. You surely have heard of the Nazca Lines, but apart from that there is a very interesting museum, the Museo Arqueológico Antonini.

visit cusco inyour peru trip


Peru – what a place to be if you seek an adventure! The whole country is full of adventurous activities. Number one is definitely the Inca Trail, one of the most famous treks. Once the travel route of the Incas crossing several South-American countries, now paving the way to Machu Picchu. Be sure to book well in advance as permits sell out quickly due to the high request. A great alternative to the Inca Trail on your Peru trip, also with destination Machu Picchu, is the Salkantay Trek. Hiking through the mountains up to 4650 m to the Salkantay Pass and ending up in the Peruvian jungle while passing beautiful Inca ruins. This trek has it all: challenging, the most amazing scenery, archeological sites. If you are looking for something even more challenging, try the Choquequirao Trek. It takes about 4 days to get there and you probably won’t see anybody else along the way. It is a hidden treasure definitely worth visiting. Please make sure that for all of these treks you are well acclimatized! All of them start from Cusco (south of Peru), but other cities have lots to offer as well, for example, Arequipa. It is around 10 hours by bus or one by plane from Cusco. Located there is the Colca Canyon which you can cross in two to three days or just do a one-day tour by bus. Or the Santa Cruz Trek with the Laguna 69 over the Cordillera Blanca mountains near Huaraz, the north of Peru and a worthy stop on your adventure travel in Peru.

inca trail in your peru trip

Amazon Wildlife

If you prefer the warmer region of Peru there are two destinations you must go: Iquitos in the northern Amazon and Puerto Maldonado in the south-eastern Amazon. Both places are rich in variations of plants and animals. From Lima, you can go easily to Iquitos by plane. Many agencies offer a cruise program, shipping along beautiful rivers and lakes enjoying their vast green surroundings. Once there don’t miss out on visiting the Pacaya Samiria National Park, home of pink dolphins, turtles and uncountable different bird species. Also in Puerto Maldonado, you can find all of these things. Near the main square boats leave every day to take you to lodges from where you start exploring the surroundings with its different inhabitants. Several agencies also offer tours to the Tambopata National Reserve, inhabiting parrots, otters, monkeys and sometimes you can even spot caimans.

amazing peru trip in the peruvian amazon

Of course, there is so much more to see that is worth to explore, but just to name a few tours and treks. Inform yourself and contact several agencies so they can accommodate your requests for your Peru trip. Almost all of them cover services for single travelers, groups and peru family tours.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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