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Cheap luxury Peru places to travel

Peru and its many destinations are some of the best travel options to start with family or alone. Not only for its inexhaustible landscapes, climates, and attractions but also for its incredible people and many luxurious accommodations to have a good time. Peru is known as one of the best countries to enjoy a totally exclusive vacation and with all the comforts that one would expect from a 5-star hotel. And this is because the exclusivity is completely affordable and without the need to spend fortunes. That is why together with Cusco Peru Travel we have prepared a small article about cheap luxury places to travel.

The Andean country is a destination suitable for all audiences, whether you are traveling on a low budget or looking for totally exclusive options. For this reason, you do not have to worry when undertaking your adventure. Every destination within the country is suitable to have a good time while enjoying certain amenities without spending too much. You can enjoy luxurious and exclusive experiences while saving for your next destination. And we can make your dream a reality by visiting the many cheap luxury places to travel in Peru. In case organizing a trip is too much for you right now, don’t worry. Our advisers can help you with all the details, from your accommodation, activities and always taking into account your budget.



cheap luxury places to travel lima

Visiting the capital of the Andean country is almost mandatory. Not only because it is where the majority of international flights land, but also because missing this magical place would be a waste. From its beautiful malecón to its renowned restaurants, the “City of Kings” is one of the best cheap luxury places to travel.

Not only can you find various luxury hotels, but you will also find many activities to enjoy. You can choose to rent a bicycle and stroll along the beautiful Miraflores boardwalk while watching a sunset. Or even take surf lessons on the surrounding beaches. The capital is a place that contains a lot of the Peruvian tradition and will make your trip unforgettable. Do not miss this beautiful place!


cheap luxury places to travel cusco

If you are looking to be a luxury travel expert, then you cannot miss the Imperial City. Not only is it a mandatory stop for those who want to know the Machu Picchu complex, but it is also an ideal point to acclimatize and enjoy the surroundings. To have ideal acclimatization, it is better to spend about four days enjoying the many activities. And within those days you can visit the Sacred Valley, the different churches, museums, restaurants and even the many archaeological ruins. To know Cusco is to know the heart of the ancient Inca Empire. And today it is one of the cities that maintains the traditional pillars of the Andean culture. Therefore, if you are looking for adventure mixed with a little knowledge, you should not miss one of the best places for luxury vacation resorts.


cheap luxury places to travel iquitos

After getting to know Cusco and Machu Picchu, you can take a flight to the magical city of Iquitos. Located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, it makes this city a place full of magic and adventure. Normally the way to get there is by plane or boat. Since by land it is inaccessible. If you are looking for affordable luxury travel, this city is for you. You can enjoy incredible eco-lodges to stay, visits to reserves full of wildlife, or simply navigate the Amazon River on a luxurious cruise.


cheap luxury places to travel piura beach

Now if you are simply looking for the best beaches in Peru, then Piura is your place. From places like Máncora to Vichayito, they make Piura a very popular place lately by tourists. Its different boutique hotels make this destination one of the most chosen by couples looking for new sensations, as well as being one of the main places chosen by young people. If you are looking for cheap luxury places to travel, this is your destination.


cheap luxury places to travel lake titicaca

Now, if you are looking for something much more relaxed and simply enjoy the fresh air added to the beautiful landscapes, Puno can be a good place. Lake Titicaca is one of the largest lakes in South America and even one of the highest navigable bodies in the world. Those looking to relax within one of the best luxury vacations, this is your place. They will be able to enjoy from visits to the floating islands to know the communities and their ancestral traditions.


As you will see, these are just a few small examples of exclusive places to vacation. Within Peru, you can enjoy a wide variety of cities and destinations where you can have exclusive and luxurious deals without spending a fortune. Together with Cusco Peru Travel, we hope we have been helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our advisors.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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