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The most beautiful buildings and structures in Cusco

The incredible and surprising city of Cusco could be considered the result of a clash of two cultures that marked the territory forever. But despite this, we cannot deny that most of the constructions to appreciate within the city were carried out by the ancient Incas. The majestic Inca Empire concentrated on building different temples and single-level palaces. But these were built with such exceptional perfection that today everyone sees them for the architectural marvels that they are. And that is why together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel we would like to tell you a little about the most incredible buildings in Cusco to discover. In this way, during your next luxury trip, you will be able to appreciate some of the best buildings in the city.

Notable buildings in Cusco to visit and discover


There is no city in the world whose architectural constructions are capable of surviving different climatic changes and natural disasters. And the Imperial City boasts numerous constructions and archaeological sites that have survived the passage of time. It is for this reason and many others that Cusco’s buildings are considered perfect. You will find a clear mix of architecture between the old Inca Empire and the emerging Republic. It is even believed that the ancient structures were strongly connected with Inca astronomy. Cusco is a beautiful city that does not seem to suffer the passage of time, and its architecture is an obvious example of this.


Inca constructions were characterized by being generally titanic and monumental. This was very evident, especially in the palaces that were built for each successor to the throne. And that is why the palaces are some of the most important buildings in Cusco to appreciate.


cusco buildings qollqanpata

The territory of Qollqanpata was an important area during the reign of the Incas. This Inca neighborhood was made up of several constructions, but only two of them were of great importance. The Palace of Qollqanpata and the Huaca Sapantiana were the most important constructions of the place. The word Qollqanpata can be translated as “Warehouse” since this great place was used as a food warehouse. Today it is a Church called San Cristóbal and you can still see some Inca walls.


cusco buildings qasana

Qasana can be translated as “where the ice falls” and was one of the most important palaces of the Inca Empire. According to historians, it is believed that this palace was owned by the Inca Pachacutec. Nowadays, you can see in the place of the palace different colonial-style houses used mostly for the tourist trade. One of the most important buildings in Cusco of the ancient world.


The Qoraqora Palace was located next to the Qasana Palace, so today trading houses can also be seen in its place. Although all the colonial houses still use the original bases of the Qoraqora palace.


cusco buildings kiswar kancha

The Kiswar Kancha was a vast area made up of buildings and courtyards. Kiswar Kancha can be translated as “place of Kiswar”, being Kiswar a native bush that was abundant in the area. According to main historians, the site was built by the Inca Wiraqocha, although today the site is home to the beautiful Cathedral of Cusco and the temple of the Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately, there are no ruins of what was this important complex. A visit to the Cathedral and the Temple is one of the things to do in Cusco that you cannot miss.


cusco buildings hatunrumiyoq

According to historians, this palace was built by Inca Roca and was the residence of his family. After the conquest of the Spanish, its foundations were used to build one of the most important buildings in Cusco today, the Archbishop’s Palace. Today only one of the ancient walls of the Palace remains, where the famous twelve-angle stone is located. Within our luxury Peru tours, a mandatory stop at the twelve-angle stone is usually included.


cusco buildings hatun kancha

This great palace was owned by Amaru Inca Yupanqui and his family or lineage. Hatun Kancha is a Quechua term that can be translated to “The great enclosure”. Today you can find colonial-style houses in the territory where the Palace was once found. Like most of the ancient Inca palaces, this one was very close to the Plaza de Armas.


The different archaeological sites were not the only inheritance that the Incas left us. Its narrow streets, particular architecture, and historical sites are part of the extensive culture that they influenced.


cusco buildings plaza de armas

What better place to start getting to know the beautiful Imperial City than the Cusco Plaza de Armas. Every day, thousands of people visit this iconic square to relax and appreciate some of the most important buildings in Cusco. But historical buildings are not the only thing you will find, it is also usually the place where the most important festivals of the city are held. And if this is not enough, you can also enjoy bars, restaurants, and other incredible establishments.


cusco buildings qorikancha

A visit to Cusco without touring the Qorikancha is an incomplete visit. Before embarking on a Cusco to Machu Picchu tour, you should not miss a tour of this place. Before the arrival of the conquerors, the Qorikancha was one of the most important temples in Cusco and the Inca Empire. But after the conquest, the temple was rebuilt leaving only its foundations and some walls intact. The Qorikancha is one of the best examples of Inca architecture, highlighting its curved wall made with exceptional precision. Today it is one of the most impressive Cusco’s buildings where you can learn about the ancient history of the city.


We hope together with the luxury travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel to have satisfied your curiosity. Although there are only ruins and vestiges of the numerous Inca constructions, there are many others that show the great genius of the Incas. If you are thinking of visiting the most important sites, remember to consult with our qualified advisors.

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