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Destination Mancora

The turquoise waters of the Pacific have made Mancora one of Peru’s most inviting beach destinations—where you can unwind in a stylish ocean-side resort hotel. In northwest Peru, a two-hour flight from Lima, its dry and sunny climate and waves captivate surfers and beach lovers. In this unique location, the convergence of the cool Humboldt and the warm Niño currents also attracts sea life such as humpback whales, dolphins, and sea turtles, which you may spot on an included half-day boat excursion.



Here we will visit the beautiful Sanctuary of the Tumbes Mangroves, a protected area which is host to specimens of more than 20 meters in height. During the tour we will use rowboats or kayaks borrowed from the local villagers. In this village we will find four species of mangroves: the red mangroves, the salt mangrove, the white mangrove and the button mangrove, as well as over 40 other botanical varieties. These mangroves are the natural habitat for a broad range of species. Also we can find different species of Snail, a great variety of endangered birds and mammals, such as raccoon or mangrove bear, otter, amphibians and reptiles. We will end the tour in Puerto Pizarro, stopping by the crocodile breeding zoo and Isla de los Pajaros (Bird Island).


We will travel to colorful Puerto Pizarro, a few miles outside the city of Tumbes, to begin an excursion within younger mangroves visiting attractions such as the Crocodile Breeding Zoo which currently houses over 300 animals, and you can also learn about their complete life cycle.


Only 25 kilometers south of Punta Sal, Los Organos is a tempting alternative for those who seek greater tranquility. Due to the warm equatorial marine current, also known as El Niño, the average temperature in this tropical ocean eco region is around of 24º C. Our sail boats will take you from Los Organos to Cabo Blanco on an excursion where it's possible to see the impressive marine fauna of Piura. Seals and groups of bottle - nosed dolphins, many common dolphins, marine turtles and colorful blue-footed boobies could be part of this excellent adventure. What you see will depend on the mood of nature. We will also go fishing with line and bait and go to the best "Baja’s" (fishing spots) of the zone with the day's fresh-caught bait. With this fishing method one can catch coches, monkfish, Viejas, and devilfish, and many others. The activity is viable depending on the weather and respecting the minimum sizes for catches. Later we will stop by a protected bay where you may take a nice refreshing dip in the sea. It's an epic experience which you'll enjoy to the fullest any time of the year!


During the months of August, September and October we'll take you to see the great humpback whales. These enormous creatures migrate to Peru's northern coasts from Antarctic waters to reproduce and raise their whale calves. During the whale watching tour you can see these magnificent animals making spectacular leaps, swimming and diving in groups or view their young play their childhood games under the watchful eye of their mothers. This marine excursion will take us sailing from Los Organos to Cabo Blanco in a very wide run with about an 85% success rate in spotting the whales. The visitors may contribute to the scientific research by taking clear photographs of the ventral side of the tail to help identify the individual whales sighted. You can also observe other related species navigating throughout zone where the cold Humboldt and the warm equatorial ecosystems merge.


The sunset along the Coast is especially unique. This lovely tour allows us to end the day in a very special way, witnessing an unforgettable sunset while sailing in a yacht along the northern Peruvian sea. During this special excursion you will enjoy fine champagne and splendid platter of appetizers with gourmet cheeses and fruit while sailing surrounded by beautiful landscapes where the sky and the sea shine with vibrant colors. It's a tour to delight the senses and stimulate the mind.


The picturesque seaside resort of Mancora is located about 30 minutes from the Hotel Decameron Punta Sal. It's a perfect place to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the villages in northern Peru. Its climate is pleasant, with beautiful landscapes, warm and friendly people, a place sought after all year round. On the tour you can browse through and purchase handicrafts elaborated by the villages.


The El Ñuro sector is home to an important population of Green Sea Turtles which inhabit this zone that is optimal for their feeding and rest as part of their life cycle. These large sea turtles are distributed over tropical waters around the world and are an excellent regulator of the ecosystem, making this a privileged zone for exposer to this species in northern Peruvian waters. During this activity, you'll be able to observe their behavior and have direct contact with these amazing animals while enjoying a pleasant swim in the ocean; you'll also be able to see other associated species like birds and fish. Besides reveling in a delightful experience of nature, this tour offers us the change to raise our awareness of the importance of protecting and conserving the sea turtles and their habitat.

What to do?

Tumbes is a destination that offers a wide range of activities:

  • Visit the Tumbes National Mangrove Sanctuary, go for a boat ride, observe humpback whales or enjoy a peaceful horseback ride to the Hervideros baths are some of the splendid activities you can enjoy on your visit to Tumbes.
  • And if you are more adventurous, you can go kayaking or enjoy professional surf lessons.
  • Spondyllus, the first diving school with PADI certification in Peru, offers scuba diving lessons, for children and adults, and will allow you to explore the great marine flora and fauna of our coastline.

Travel tips

Getting to most beautiful Peruvian Coast: Tumbes is located to 4 hours to the Ecuador’s frontier so it is a commercial area.

Subtropical; It makes the transition from tropical areas characterizing border of Ecuador and the desert south that starts in the province of Contra Almirante Villar.

  • Annual average temperature 25 ° C
  • From the city of Lima: 1262 km to the city of Tumbes.

Access to Tumbes is:

  • By Bus: Through the Pan-American Norte Highway. Lima –Tumbes. It has an area of 1270 km (18 hours in interprovincial bus).
  • By Air: Lima-Tumbes. Regular flights from Lima to the city, Tumbes delay of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Best time to go

  • Mancora is a natural paradise between the desert and the Pacific Ocean, close to the Equatorial line, which leads to have the warmest beaches of the entire coast and the best weather at all. Every month there is sun and warm weather ideal to enjoy a relaxing breathtaking space.