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Puno – Lake Titicaca


Highest navigable lake

This large lake is shrouded in mystery and ancient legends of Inca mythology and its islands are world-famous for their peaceful beauty and the living tradition of their agrarian cultures which date back to Pre-Columbian times.

Lake Titicaca

Luxury Travel to Puno & Lake Titicaca

The Altiplano is an amazing plateau between Bolivia and Peru nestled in the Andes Mountains at nearly 3,812 meters (about 12,507 feet).

Which holds a special place in the ancient folklore of the Andes Culture because happens to be the birthplace of the leader of the Inca Empire, ancestors of the Inca civilization Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, sent by the Sun God Inti and rising for the water of the lake. That is why this enormous lake is shrouded in mystery and tales from Inca mythology.

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9 Days / 8 Nights
Immersion Into Mysterious Kingdoms
Lima City, Cusco City, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Puno & Lake Titicaca


12 Days / 11 Nights
Explore The Southern Wonderland
Lima City, Arequipa City, Colca Canyon, Puno & Lake Titicaca, Cusco City, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu




Abra La Raya


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