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Explore the most exotic places to visit in Peru

Gearing up to explore Peru? Without a doubt, there is no other place on this planet like Peru. Its natural treasures of outstanding beauty will dazzle you, as it has done to all travelers who came here for the first time. This unbeatable South American country has everything that any traveler might want to see and do. It’s literally a world of its own. From cultural experiences, gastronomical adventures, cool nightlife, remote trekking to mind-blowing outdoor activities. In addition to its rich traditions and cultural heritage, Peru is an all-in-one destination. So, don’t miss this great opportunity to explore Peru.

All the faces of this ideal tourist destination are different and fascinating. Peru has many off-the-beaten-path experiences to choose from. For this reason, check out our list of the most exotic places to visit during your Peru vacation.

Dining in cosmopolitan Lima

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The Peruvian capital has become a hot destination due to its remarkable architectural blend of Colonial and contemporary infrastructure, rich history, vibrant culture, vivacious nightlife, and especially an extraordinary and exquisite cuisine.

This extensive metropolis boasts world-renowned chefs such as Gaston Acurio and Virgilio Martinez. Also, it has two restaurants which are ranked in the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. A foodie experience here is unbelievable and unbeatable. Thus, when visiting Lima, make sure to set aside some money to pamper yourself at one of the city’s world-class restaurants. Your palate will completely thank you.

Sandboarding at an Oasis paradise

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Huacachina is unquestionably one of the best Peru tourist places since it surrounds a natural oasis paradise. Giant hills of sand are towering above it on all sides, they make Huacachina a unique place for dazzling sights to behold… Sunsets are perfect here, in fact, there are no words to describe them. You must come and discover them by yourself. It will seduce you since the first moment.

Dune buggy and sandboarding are by far the most popular activities here. They attract travelers from all over the world and for a good reason. So, don’t hesitate and let’s explore Peru!

Hiking the Inca Trail

explore peru hiking inca trail

There may be other hiking trails in Peru, but none can match one of the most popular hiking trails in the world, the Inca Trail. It runs 43 km across the Andes. Certainly, its beauty and history are unbeatable.

During this 4-day trek, you will be able to walk along ancient Inca roads, breathtaking Andean scenery, stunning mountains and ending at the majestic Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Once you arrive, a rush of adrenaline and emotion will invade all your body and your senses. We don’t say this because we are Peruvians but your Machu Picchu trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.

Visiting the floating islands

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Every time a visitor says ‘I would love to explore Peru and its real magic’, one of the places that pop into our minds and draws a smile on our faces is the mirror-like Lake Titicaca.

Situated in Andes range, the world’s largest high-altitude lake is famous among travelers due to its scenic features and mysterious floating islands. Yes, exactly as you heard it. The gleaming waters of this lake count with lots of charming floating islands and the number keep increasing. We know that this sounds like a fairytale and for a really good reason. These floating islands house not only natural beauty but also a unique cultural richness that dates back to Pre-Inca times.

The Indigenous communities who live on the islands still maintain the Inca traditions. Besides, according to the Andean people, Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of the sun. When you stop in order to admire the lake, you will see how dazzling it is. You will admire its awe. So, please tell me: what is more exotic and unique than this? When taking your tours in Peru, don’t skip a visit to Lake Titicaca. You experience will be completely mesmeric.

Swimming with Pink dolphins

explore peru swimming pink dolphins

When thinking about how to explore Peru, have you ever considered swimming with pink dolphins? No, we are not out of our minds. They really exist! The Amazonian rivers house these freshwater animals.

Amazon’s fascinating environment is filled with lots of adventurous, fascinating and exotic features. Its beauty is not a secret. So, don’t hesitate, take an Amazon boat tour and discover all its wonders. Cusco Peru Travel guarantees your jungle experience will be an unforgettable memory.

Furthermore, Amazon’s flora also captivates travelers as they walk through the rainforest. Our Amazon hosts many protected natural areas such as Manu, Pacaya Samiria, Tambopata, among others.

Peruvian pride

Finally, we can proudly say that Peru’s beauty is unparalleled. Unquestionably, traveling across our country is more than pleasure since joy here will be boundless. So, pack your backpack and get over here!

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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