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Guide for a full day in Paracas

Peru is a paradise for adventurers, nature lovers, academics, and travelers looking for new landscapes to fall in love with. And among all its wonderful landscapes, Paracas is one that stands out the most. With one of the most beautiful coasts that you can appreciate and many other attractions, Paracas has become one of the most important destinations in Peru. It cannot be denied that this beautiful seaside resort attracts all types of public. From entire families to couples looking for a romantic getaway, everyone will find something to keep themselves entertained. For this reason, together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we have prepared a small article about everything you can do in a full day in Paracas. Whether you have a lot of time or a little, here is everything you need to know.

Destination Paracas: Guide for a full day in Paracas


full day in paracas the arrival

The small coastal city of Paracas was known for being a fishing village, but over time it was transformed into an excellent tourist resort. The city has a wide variety of luxury hotels, hostels, delicious seafood restaurants, and much more. Inside you can find numerous operators or agencies offering adventure tours in the surroundings. If you don’t have much time available, don’t worry, it is possible to enjoy the greatest attractions in a full day in Paracas.


full day in paracas cycling

After you’ve settled into your accommodation, there are a variety of things to do. One of the best ways to tour the Paracas National Reserve is on an incredible bike ride. You can rent some bicycles in El Chaco and enjoy the unique landscapes around. It is a fairly inexpensive option and a great alternative to burning some calories during your trip. But if bikes aren’t your thing, you can also find car rentals. Being able to visit the different beaches of the coast is a good idea to enjoy a full day in Paracas.


full day in paracas beach

Throughout Paracas, you can find numerous and exceptional beaches where you can enjoy unique sunsets. Although it must be borne in mind that its beaches are not specifically to enjoy surfing in Peru, they have much calmer waters ideal to enjoy with the family. One of its best beaches is La Mina, in terms of beauty this beach is unparalleled. Finish your full day in Paracas with an epic sunset on the different beaches.


full day in paracas ballestas islands

The Ballestas Islands are also known as the “Poor man’s Galapagos”, due to their great similarity but on a smaller scale. The tour is one of the main attractions in the area and is one of the best trips to spot wildlife in Peru. We highly recommend opting for the morning round as the waters are calmer and it is less hot. Besides, the tour lasts about two hours, giving you time to enjoy everything else. Make sure to include this incredible tour on your full day in Paracas.


full day in paracas traditional dishes

Being in the coastal region, Paracas has some of the best seafood restaurants in the country. You will be able to enjoy the great variety of traditional Peruvian dishes well made and fresh. Be sure to try the Ceviche or Jalea, some of the most popular choices in Paracas. In the different Luxury Peru tours, you will have enough time to eat well and enjoy the incredible views.


full day in paracas the desert

One of the fastest and most comfortable ways to travel the vast territory of Paracas is by taking a taxi or renting a car. If you opt for the taxi, you can enjoy a tour of the most important beaches of Paracas for a fairly affordable price. Some buses offer a tour of all the beaches and the most important stops in a course of 40 hours. There is no doubt that in a full day in Paracas you will be able to find many ways to explore the vast territory.


full day in paracas where to stay

For a small city, you will find a plethora of accommodation options, from more luxurious hotels to a few cheaper hostels. Its large number of lodging options reflects the great popularity of Paracas and its importance as a tourist center. Paracas is one of the best beach destinations in Peru, so you will find numerous accommodation options.


As you can see, within Paracas you will find much to do and experience. You will have options for activities such as buggy riding, tours of the Ballestas Islands, beautiful beaches where you can cool off and an endless number of delicious dishes to try. Without a doubt, Paracas has become one of the most important tourist centers in recent years. Therefore, a full day in Paracas is the least you can invest in your itinerary. We hope together with Cusco Peru Travel to have been helpful. If you need more information about our tours, you can contact our recommended advisors.

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