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Tourists Attractions of Lake Titicaca

In the southern most part of Peru you will find the town of Puno, locally the town is famous for the University and the population expands with young folk that come to study. Situated high in the Peruvian Andes Puno has two seasons wet and dry. The temperature is, as you would expect cold, in the wet season, which is from December to March the rainfalls everyday making the streets muddy, but it is warmer in the wet season. In the dry season which is from May to October the climate is colder, especially in the night and early morning. However, what most people come to see in the area is the famous Lake Titicaca Peru.

Lake Titicaca Peru is located in the high Andes and is one of the highest lakes in the world, there are many wonderful attractions in the area around Puno and there is many things to do in Puno.

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The number one thing to do in the area and what attracts most people to visit is the Uros Floating Islands. These floating Island are located a short boat ride east of Puno and are only reach by boat. The islands are unlike anything you will experience anywhere else in the world. The islands are made of layers of dried totora reeds that grow in the lake. Anchored on the lake floor, layers of reeds are added each year to replace the lower layers that rot. Made of up to 4 meters of reeds the islands have a unique feel when walked upon. The local people also build their homes form the reeds, when not working with the tourists the Uros people lead a simple life growing their food and fishing.

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Consisting of 42 islands, each island can have up to 10 families living. The local children attend school on the islands and take boats to school from their home island. There is no secondary school so the older children need to travel to Puno to attend school. Despite the amount of tourist that visit every day the islands should be visited as this unique place is something you will not see elsewhere. Also on offer are boats rides between the islands, a unique experience that you will have to pay the driver.

Travel further out on the lake and you will see the rock Island of Taquille, the island is home to some of most skilled weavers in Peru. The island runs its own tourism operations, which gives them control over the amount of tourism that can visit the islands. There are no hotels as such on the island, but you are able to stay with families in a home stay environment. At night, the climate can get below freezing so take your jacket and warm clothes. This is an authentic experience so do not expect luxury.

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Close to Taquille is the lovely Amantani Island, handicraft also plays an important part of the islands culture. The island have opened its doors to tourism but also you will have to live like the locals. Again, the temperatures drop drastically at night, but you will enjoy the most spectacular sunsets over Lake Titicaca.

The lake itself is considered the birthplace of the Inka, according to legend. The blue lake was sacred to the Inka Empire and now separates Peru and Bolivia. On the Bolivian side of the lake, there is the Islands of the Sun and the Moon, both worth a visit for the impressive ruins and the stunning views of Lake Titicaca.

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There is also many things to do around the lake, close to Puno. Visit the funeral towers at Sillustani, not only an interesting history to learn but also the views of the lake are magnificent. Visit Yavari, a British steam ship built in 1861 and transported from the coast in 2766 pieces to the shores of Lake Titicaca over a long 9 years. Today the ship is a museum that you visit and you can stay the night.

There are many luxury properties to stay at in the Lake Titicaca area on your Luxury travel Peru, including the Titilaka, located on the shores of the lake; this luxury property has all the inclusions needed to complete your luxury to Peru. The lodge has a modern style and balconies that offer the best views. The restaurant has a world-class Peruvian chef for the best dining experiences. Not to be missed if you require the best hotels.

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When most people visit the area they are left we fond memories of beautiful sunsets, magnificent landscape and very colorful, friendly locals. You should allow yourself around 3 days minimum to explore the area, there is plenty to do and see in the area.

Considered one of the spectacular treasures of Peru, Lake Titicaca is a must see on your Peruvian vacation. Do some research on what you want to see in the area, travel to Peru and cross that off your bucket list.

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