summer in lima

Vacations in Lima during summer

The capital of Peru is known to be covered in dense fog for most of the year. That is why when the skies clear and summer appears, Lima turns into a completely different city. In general, most travelers who seek to visit Machu Picchu or some other important attraction, arrive in Lima during their winter. But if you are lucky enough to meet the capital during its summer, we believe that you will not regret it. The beaches are full of people, people are happier and many other reasons make the Lima summer one of the best. That is why together with the luxury travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel we have prepared a list of those reasons that make summer in Lima the best.

Some of the best things to do in Lima in the summer


summer in lima sunset

The luxurious sunsets that you can appreciate in the Lima summer are one of those pleasures that should never be taken for granted. When visible, Lima boasts some of the best sunsets in the world. After a long day visiting some museums in Lima, you can go to a restaurant overlooking the sea and enjoy the natural spectacle with a delicious cocktail. Summer in Lima is one of the best times to enjoy a romantic vacation.


summer in lima ride a bike

It cannot be denied that Lima is a city of architectural and historical beauties. That is why summer in Lima is one of its best times because all its attractions are automatically beautified. The sun gives life to the city and one of its most popular places gives evidence of it. The Malecón of Miraflores is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and locals. There are several stands where you can rent a bicycle and ride enjoying the sound of the waves. Walking the boardwalk in the summer is one of the best ways to get to know the city.


summer in lima surfing

If you are going to travel to Lima, then you cannot miss surfing on its beaches. It is a classic to see the beaches of Lima full of surfers. The summer in Lima is one of the best times for beginners looking to know the basics of this incredible sport. Only experienced surfers dare to face the waves during cloudy winter. We also believe that there is no better way to beat the heat than a good dip in the water.


summer in lima water park

One of the most popular attractions in Lima is the incredible “Magic Water Circuit”, an excellent place to visit if you are with the children. Despite being an amazing water park, you will not find slides inside it. But don’t let this discourage you, as there are numerous fountains and waterfalls where you can cool off. If you are looking for things to do in Lima at night, this is your place. During the evenings, an amazing aquatic light show is usually exhibited along with fountains and lasers. Don’t forget to bring a towel with you!


summer in lima people love summer

When the sun shines, people undoubtedly go outside. The large city of Lima is home to around a third of Peru’s population, but during the winter you won’t see as many people on the streets. The summer in Lima is reason enough for families to relax in the city’s parks and squares. Take advantage of the summer and enjoy the endless entertainment options!


summer in lima beaches

The beautiful city of Lima is home to numerous beaches that come to life when the sun rises. The different surrounding beaches begin to see crowds of people during the summer in Lima. The beaches are not only great places to spend an afternoon, but they are also incredible getaways from Lima. The main beaches of Lima are quite rocky except for those in Barranco, so people usually opt for those more popular beach destinations such as Punta Hermosa or Cerro Azul.


summer in lima outdoor activities

The Peruvian capital enjoys great tourist activity throughout the year, but it is in the summer that you can enjoy an unparalleled experience. The summer in Lima is one of the best because many events and other activities take the spotlight. There will be no way to get bored in the luxurious Peruvian capital, from numerous tours in the Art galleries in Lima to enjoying paragliding on the shore.


summer in lima ceviche

One of the best reasons to visit Peru is its delicious gastronomy. And among all its traditional dishes, Ceviche occupies a leading role. We believe that trying one of the most emblematic dishes of Peru during the summer in Lima is an experience like no other. The delicious Ceviche enhances its flavors and is best enjoyed when the sun is shining in the sky.


We hope together with the luxury travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel to have been of help for your next vacation. Summer transforms Lima into one of the best destinations in Peru. If you want to know more about our tours of the city, you can contact our advisors who will be happy to help you.