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Luxury Inca Trail experience and considerations

Are you ready to do one of the most famous hikes in the world? The Inca Trail is one of the most beautiful hikes globally and hundreds of tourists and locals decide to do it per day. And how not to do it, being the old way of getting to the majestic Machu Picchu. Experience how the Incas received the wonder of the world and all the landscapes that one sees to get there. Cusco Peru Travel has prepared a precise article so that you know some things about the luxury Inca Trail tour.


luxury inca trail tour accommodation

Doing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a demanding and intense experience. Although we do not necessarily require a sculptural physique, it is a condition being in good health to carry it out. If we have any type of doubt, it is not wrong to consult our private doctor. In case it may seem very long, there are other shorter alternatives. Whatever is the case, we cannot miss this magical opportunity.

After so many years helping people to walk the luxury Inca Trail tour, we realized that each experience is unique. There is no ideal or better time to make this beautiful journey. Every time we have the opportunity to do it; it is different and with its particular qualities that make this experience unique every time it is done. It does not matter if you only do it once, it is worth being able to tell that you participated in this milestone.

Our luxury Inca Trail tour includes different comforts suitable for any type of public. The important thing is that you know that within all the Peru luxury tours, the company or tour operator will take care of everything so that you only enjoy your experience and time in this beautiful and mystical country. You should be aware of what time you are traveling either not to be disappointed or to know what lies ahead. The weather in the imperial citadel is defined by two seasons. The dry season and the wet season.


luxury inca trail tour dry season

You can enjoy your luxury Inca Trail tour anytime you want. If your option is between May and September, then you will do the hike in the dry season. It coincides that the dry season is also the high season of tourism. So before booking your tickets, keep in mind that the places will be full. Therefore, it is best to book in advance in case we can only resort to these dates. The days are sunny and we will have a vibe similar to that of spring. The downside is that the nights are usually very cold.

Also, keep in mind that if we will travel during this time, everything will be a little bit more expensive. Normally the prices of the Machu Picchu luxury tour remain the same throughout the year. But prices such as the train, buses, and others do rise considerably due to the high influx of people. It is best to book in advance and secure our trip.

Although it is one of the times with more people, it also has its advantageous side. For example, in June, we have a well attended local celebration: the Festival of the Sun or Inti Raymi, which you can enjoy along with other tourist attractions.


luxury inca trail tour wet season

Now, if our trip is planned between October and April, then we will be hiking in the wet season. Keep in mind that in February, the Inca Trail is not available to anyone due to maintenance reasons.

During the low season, the best time to walk Inca Trail may be in mid-March, because the rains are no longer so frequent. Besides, there are not too many people looking to see the incredible Wonder of the World, because it’s still a low season for tourism. The days are usually quite pleasant and clear, ideal to undertake an amazing hike.


luxury inca trail tour alternative route

The Inca Trail is truly a great option for all-inclusive luxury vacations. In case you are not convinced, we will have many other options within the mystical Inca country. Many of these options can be customized for any taste. But the Inca Trail luxury tour has other shorter or more challenging alternatives for anyone willing to do it.

For example, we have the Salkantay Route to Machu Picchu, a slightly longer and more challenging route. Reaching heights of up to 4,700 meters. This route can take 5 days but it is very rewarding, you will feel accomplished after arriving at the citadel bathed in a magical and natural aura. There is also the option of doing the Short Inca Trail that takes 2 days. This route is not as demanding and is ideal if we take children with us. A complete option for the whole family.


Cusco Peru Travel hopes that these considerations can be of help to you when planning your trip to the mystical lands of Peru. If you have any questions, you can consult us and our many other articles. We will be waiting for your visit to the Imperial City

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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