An unforgettable journey

Andean Explorer Train

Crossing the Andes and the Antiplano from Cusco to the lakeside city of Puno is a wonderful experience in its own right, but travelling this route on board the Andean Explorer train is a journey that will live with you for a lifetime. The Andean Explorer was created for the passengers who appreciate all the luxuries that this type of train journey can bring, along the way you will have the opportunity to connect with the mystery and nature of the Andean countryside.
There is no better way to enjoy the view than from the giant windows of the train coaches or why not lounge in the luxurious open air compartment which allows for the best views. Pass the hours listening to Andean music and watching the colorful Peruvian dancers. There will be many opportunities to take spectacular photos. Drink the best South American wines or enjoy a delicious coffee to pass the time before you arrive at your destination.

The route the Andean Explorer is considered by many travel magazines to be one of the most beautiful in the world and takes around ten hours. At the start of the journey the passengers are received at Wanchaq Station(Cusco) this station is only for trains to and from Puno, where there the musicians will welcome you with local music. Once aboard you can enjoy two coaches decorated in the famous Pullman style of the 1920 s.

During the journey a gourmet lunch will be served. The quality of the personal service is guaranteed. This special train received the Certificate of Excellence in 2015 from TripAdvisor and won the maximum honors at the World Travel Awards in 2012 for the best luxury train in South America.
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Included Services

  • Panoramic Windows
  • Different Bars
  • Afternoon Tea and drink service
  • Live music show, typical dancers form Cusco and Puno in local costumes
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Bathrooms