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Luxury travel destinations in Peru

Whenever you desire to travel, Peru is a great option, with landscapes so varied throughout its country. From snowy peaks, deserts, sub-tropical beaches to canyons of immeasurable depths. We should take our time and enjoy all its colors and shades. Every destination brings a unique culture and history that are related to general traditions. Every time you travel to a different place you will understand how big and varied the Andean Country is. That is why Cusco Peru Travel has prepared this small list where you can see some of the best luxury travel destinations in Peru.

These destinations can be enjoyed in several ways. But the best way to experience these wonderful places is with the benefits, amenities, and comfort that only a tour operator can offer. Cusco Peru Travel specializes in providing the best possible care and making your experience one of the most comfortable and memorable.

You can visit beautiful places and experience them with another perspective that the average tourist does not. You can enjoy all the best beaches and witness magical places that will wrap us up so we don’t want to let go. Prepare to open your mind and be part of the wonderful landscapes that Peru offers. Let’s see some of the greatest luxury travel destinations in Peru.



luxury travel destinations cusco

Cusco was the capital of the immense Inca empire. It’s a beautiful city not only for its history and magic that still retains but also for its incredible cosmopolitan culture that bathes us all when visiting it. We can witness beautiful colonial buildings and other Spanish architecture. You will also enjoy traces of Inca walls and varied archaeological complexes to visit. It is a city with thousands of options to enjoy and one of the best options for taking luxury holidays in Peru.


luxury travel destinations sacred valley

If we are in Cusco, then we cannot miss the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas. This was the most populated area in the time of the Incas, thanks to its fertile soils and ideal climates for agriculture. It has become a very famous point for tourists. Ideal to enjoy the natural landscapes and breathe fresh air. Also, this is where some of the many luxury tours in Machu Picchu begins.

  • LIMA

luxury travel destinations lima

The beautiful “City of Kings” is a mandatory destination for all those who visit the Inca country. The capital of Peru is the city with more inhabitants and one in which we can experience the essence of the country. This is the starting point for many adventurers or travelers. We will have a range of options and landscapes for anyone with inexhaustible curiosity. Most are in plain sight and other destinations are hidden from the eye of the beginner traveler. If you wish, you can have a more personal experience and not miss any of the main attractions. To do this you can take a look at our Peru private tours.


luxury travel destinations iquitos luxury cruise

Iquitos is a must in our luxury travel destinations in Peru. If you feel adventurous, this city will not disappoint. To reach it, we can only go by boat or plane. It is inaccessible by land since it is in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon. This magical city is special if we want to experience life away from the everyday routine. We can find eco-lodges for a more personal experience. At night, we can witness noises from the different animals around to feel surrounded by the natural. In addition to that, near Iquitos, we can enjoy some natural reserves if you intend to see the wildlife in its maximum expression. You can take the luxury amazon cruise and enjoy this city in a new different way.


luxury travel destinations colca canyon

To the Northeast of the beautiful city of Arequipa, among the mountains of the Andes, we can find this unique and wonderful landscape. You can get there by bus or private transport. It is a destination to be amazed and absorbed at its imposing depth. We will feel walking through clouds to see its incredible viewpoints. From here, we can take some beautiful photos for your social networks. Do not miss this majestic natural beauty.


luxury travel destinations arequipa

The “White City” could not be missed within the luxury travel destinations in Peru. It is named this way since most of it is built with a volcanic stone called Sillar. This stone just has a White color that gives the city a particular beauty. It is the second most populated city after the capital but its attractions are not left behind. We can enjoy the majestic Misti volcano or its beautiful and exceptional Plaza de Armas. Arequipa is undoubtedly a destination that we cannot miss.

These are just some of the luxury travel destinations in Peru to enjoy. Keep in mind that all our tours are based on private luxury services and can be fully customized to meet your personal needs. That is why we invite you to consult with Cusco Peru Travel for any travel plan. We hope that with us or any operator you will have a wonderful time in this magical country.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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