machu picchu tour from cusco

Machu Picchu tour from Cusco

Vacation in Machu Picchu? The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu isn’t simply a stop on a trip through South America, it’s the reason why many travelers book a ticket, board a plane to Peru and start the adventure in a Machu Picchu tour from Cusco. Without a doubt, a great decision because… I travel then I exist, right? It’s the motto of the team of Cusco Peru Travel as well.

The Incas have left as legacy one of the most impressive and important heritage sites in the world. So, anyone who wants to take a Machu Picchu tour from Cusco will be dazzled with not only spectacular temples, citadels, tombs and stone canals but also a fascinating historical richness.

The historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu is a masterpiece of architecture full of cultural significance that sits at 2,430 meters in the tropical forest. It offers a breathtaking scenery full of significant biodiversity of flora and fauna.

We believe that there are millions of reasons to visit Machu Picchu but words fall short when trying to describe this place. Well, this could be one of the main reasons why you should take a Machu Picchu tour from Cusco and discover it by yourself.

First thing’s first!

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Being one of the most popular destinations in Peru, the permits to Machu Picchu are regulated, so this can make getting last-minute entry tickets tricky. Tickets can easily sell out. So, Cusco Peru Travel recommends purchasing your ticket well in advance. It would be disappointing if you can’t find availability and discover the mystery and history of this Incan archaeological site.

The Machu Picchu tickets aren’t sold at Machu Picchu itself. You can buy them online (Peruvian Ministry of Culture website) and secure an entrance to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After making the payment, you will receive an email with your Machu Picchu ticket (pdf format). You have to print it and show it the day you visit Machu Picchu. You can also buy your Machu Picchu ticket via a tour agent. 

*Children under 8 years old enter free.

How to get to the Inca Citadel: Machu Picchu tour from Cusco

There are a couple of ways to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco such as hiking or taking the train. We will mention the popular ones.

Inca Trail

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There are several interesting trails you can take to get to Machu Picchu but the most famous and popular one is the Inca Trail. It is part of a vast network of “Inca trails” that the Incas built to connect their empire with many different towns.

This stunning and historic hiking trail will take you through amazing Andean scenery, ancient Inca ruins, narrow paths, stunning valley views, and snowy Andean peaks. The majestic Machu Picchu will be the endpoint of this marvelous journey. If you are lucky enough, you will see the sunrise over the Inca citadel. Although the best time to visit Machu Picchu is anytime, some months have better weather conditions than others.

Well, as you have noticed, there are many reasons why lots of enthusiastic and avid hikers decide to embark on this unforgettable, magical and mystical adventure every year…

Besides, the Inca Trail is considered one of the greatest and most challenging hikes in the world. Thus, there is a huge demand for tickets. The Peruvian government limited access to 500 people per day, of which 200 are hikers and the rest porters and guides. So, book your Inca Trail trek in advance, at least six months before planning your trip.

Take also into consideration that it’s not possible to do the Inca Trail independently. You have to do it with an approved tour operator. This means you don’t need to buy your Machu Picchu ticket neither your permit by yourself, your tour provider will do it for you.

* The Inca Trail is closed each year in February for maintenance work.

By train

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Traveling by train is the fastest but most expensive option for a Machu Picchu tour from Cusco. Due to its demand, we recommend booking your train ticket in advance, preferably after knowing the date and time of your Machu Picchu ticket. This will allow you to choose the service you want. The cheapest services sell out faster so if you don’t purchase your ticket quickly, you won’t have another alternative than buying the most expensive ones. This may sound a bit daunting but…

Have you ever dreamed of traveling through the Andes on a luxury train to Machu Picchu? Two main companies can make your dream comes true. They count with the highest standards of comfort, convenience, and safety.

Keep in mind that the train trip is from Cusco (Poroy Station) to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo), the town at the foot of Machu Picchu. The ride takes around 3.5 hours. Once you arrived in Aguas Calientes, you have two options, take a bus or walk up until the entrance to Machu Picchu.

*There is another train station in Ollantaytambo, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. But you must take a bus or taxi to get there. Then you must board the train towards Aguas Calientes.

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To conclude, regardless of which Machu Picchu tour from Cusco you choose, all the options to get to the Inca Sanctuary will immerse you in the world and heritage of the Incas.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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