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The Most luxurious Honeymoon Destinations in Peru

Are you about to propose to the love of your life? Looking for ideas for the dreamiest honeymoon possible? Then maybe we can help you. When you think of possible destinations to live days full of passion, tenderness, and romance, Peru is undoubtedly the perfect option. Within this mystical country, you will find spectacular and magical landscapes, ready to make your experience a unique one. You will find beaches with incredible sunsets, gourmet cuisine or simply being able to experience the Wonder of the World. That is why Cusco Peru Travel has prepared a list of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations so that, together with your partner, you can enjoy an exciting adventure. Get ready to meet some wonderful destinations.

Some of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in Peru


most luxurious honeymoon destinations start in lima
You can start your honeymoon by taking a few nights in the capital. In the City of Kings, you can find luxury vacation resorts of all kinds. You will have many luxury options, from the JW Marriott Hotel to the Belmond Miraflores Park. In addition, you will find too many things to do in Lima. If you are looking strictly for something romantic, you can visit The Magic Water Circuit in the Parque de la Reserva. There, you can see different water sources added to a show of lasers and iridescent lights, a typical place for lovers of all kinds.

The nightlife of Lima is another aspect to know. The city transforms at night where you can find many luxurious and internationally recognized restaurants to eat like a king. You can also try classic Peruvian drinks like Pisco Sour. In short, Lima is one of the best honeymoon destinations where you can enjoy privacy and exclusivity.


most luxurious honeymoon destinations peruvian amazon
From Lima, you can choose to continue your adventure on a flight to the port city of Iquitos. Iquitos is also known as the Peruvian capital of the Amazon. This jungle city is one of the most luxurious and incredible honeymoon destinations. It is only possible to arrive by plane or boat; since by car, it is inaccessible. In this magical place, you will enjoy a natural environment wrapped in magic and mystery. If you are looking to plan a luxury vacation, Iquitos has to be on your itinerary.

You will also find luxury services like an all-inclusive luxury Amazon cruise through the Amazon River. These 5-star yachts are fully equipped for a pleasant experience. The suites are fully furnished and with large windows where you can see beautiful landscapes. You can watch the river go by from the comfort of your California king-size bed. On these yachts, you will have renowned international chefs at your disposal who prepare typical and traditional cuisine with fresh and local ingredients. A great option for any newly married couple.


most luxurious honeymoon destinations lake titicaca
After having enjoyed a wonderful time in the jungle, you can continue on your honeymoon at Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is one of the largest navigable bodies of water that South America offers. Lake Titicaca may not be one of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in Peru, but exclusive options are not lacking either. The Lake has a natural appeal that attracts even the largest reputable hotel chains. You can enjoy various activities in and around the Lake. One of the main attractions is its striking floating islands of Uros. Here you can see how these artificial islands are made entirely of reeds from the lake. The beautiful scenery will offer the newly married couple a few days of unparalleled views. Enjoy the different luxury Peru tours within this magical destination.


honeymoon destinations paracas

South of the capital, Lima, is the Paracas National Reserve. Couples eager to enjoy the beach will love this place. Some of the best hotels in the country are located on the waterfront, overlooking a protected wildlife sanctuary. The shimmering sands of the desert contrast with the rich blue waters. You can choose to spend a day by the pool at a luxurious resort or take a boat trip out to where you can see hundreds of sea lions, dolphins, penguins, and birds.

In the evening, you can sit down for a romantic seafood dinner and taste Peru’s national wine made in the nearby town of Pisco. Or you can also relax and listen to live music in one of the many elegant restaurants. Paracas is very close to Lima or just a short flight from the mountains or the Amazon. It is an ideal option for a perfect combination with other honeymoon destinations. Make sure that the different luxury vacation deals you are looking for include Paracas.


most luxurious honeymoon destinations machu picchu

Arriving in Cusco

No honeymoon in Peru would not be complete without first passing through the Wonder of the World. To do this, you will fly to one of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in the world: Cusco. The Imperial City is one of the most recognized luxury travel destinations in Peru. There, you will enjoy an architectural mix of Inca trends alongside that of the Spanish. This style predominates in the City and you will also see it in several other archaeological ruins. If you do not plan to visit the Inca citadel immediately, it is highly recommended to spend a few days in the city of Cusco. Enjoy its different museums and sites around.

Relax in the Sacred Valley

honeymoon destinations sacred valley

Another great honeymoon destination is the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This is located near Cusco and has numerous exclusive and luxurious properties to spend the night. The Valley is an excellent option to acclimatize since it is located at a lower altitude than Cusco. In its surroundings, there are also a few archaeological ruins that will be worth your time. You will also find many hiking routes and attractions available to explore. When you feel ready, you can take the Hiram Bingham train to Aguas Calientes. On the train, you will enjoy a luxurious trip with all the comforts included. Then, you will arrive at Aguas Calientes, a point before the Inca citadel. There you can cool off and buy some snacks before your adventure. You will also find several luxury resorts to rest and relax.

From Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu

In Aguas Calientes, you will have the possibility to go to the entrance of the citadel on foot or on a short bus ride. Upon reaching the entrance you will finally be able to visit the long-awaited archaeological complex. It is mandatory to be accompanied by a certified guide to enter. Inside this amazing place, you can take classic and well-known photos while enjoying a unique and incomparable view. If you plan to visit Peru, then you have to know Machu Picchu. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience!


most luxurious honeymoon destinations love is in the air
For newlyweds, Peru offers many of the world’s most luxurious honeymoon destinations. Everything will depend on the type of program you are looking for. You can simply relax and try the different drinks while you get to know the renowned gastronomy in some luxurious restaurants. Or you can also venture deep into the Amazon River on a luxury cruise to enjoy the views and amenities they offer. You could do all these wonderful things in one week. There are so many all-inclusive luxury vacation options that it can be difficult to choose.

When planning a trip to Peru, things can get a bit confusing or overwhelming. But traveling is supposed to be easy, that’s why we want to take care of all the details of your future honeymoon. Feel safe in trusting us for your exclusive vacations in Peru. That way you will only focus on enjoying yourself together with the love of your life.


Together with the experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we hope this list of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations has been helpful to you. Remember that you will find many options for your dream honeymoon. In this list, we have only pointed out some of the most popular destinations, but they are not all. If you want to know more about our different routes, do not hesitate to ask our team of advisers. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to spend with the love of your life. Enjoy the magic of Peru with your partner!

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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