The Mystery Behind Peru’s Incredible Nazca Lines

Peru is a country where mysteries and legends abound. The country is full of ancient cultures that have left many interesting attractions to experience. Some of these cultures date back thousands of years and you can see the discoveries of these cultures in the many museums in Peru. On your visit to Peru, be sure to include the small town of Nazca on your list of places to visit. This majestic place is home to one of the most popular attractions in recent years. We are talking about the Nazca lines. The mystery behind this place is so big that together with the experts from Cusco Peru Travel, we decided to prepare an article about it. During your visit to Nazca, be sure to discover the Nazca lines mystery in Peru.

Unraveling the Nazca lines mystery


the nazca lines mystery behind peru
The Nazca Lines mystery in Peru remains an unsolved one. But a visit is essential to understand and give you an idea. And the best way to see the lines is through a magnificent plane flight. From the plane, you will see many of the figures. Popular lines to see are the monkey, the lizard, the spider, and the “astronaut.” If you don’t want to fly to the outskirts of Nazca, there is an observation tower where you can see some of the figures. Whichever way you choose to view the lines, this is something you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Make sure you are part of one of the different luxury Peru tours, in this way the flight will be included and reserved for you.


nazca lines mystery and where can they be found
If you wonder what are the Nazca Lines, these are a series of geoglyphs in the middle of the desert. These geoglyphs come in different shapes and sizes and are best appreciated from a flight. Nazca is located in one of the driest deserts on the planet, in the pampas of Jumana. The small town itself has perfect weather with almost no rainfall throughout the year. Nazca is a small and quiet place that has many hotels and restaurants that cater to the tourist market. Just outside the city, on the desert floor, are the renowned Nazca Lines. These are drawn on the desert floor and today form one of the main attractions of the region. These questions are crucial to answer before attempting to solve the Nazca lines mystery.


the nazca lines mystery and their history
Before beginning to discover the Nazca lines mystery, it is necessary to know a little of its history. The lines remained secret until 1939 when a pilot flying over the desert saw the figures. Over the next several decades many more lines have been discovered with around seventy representing complex animals and other formations ranging from simple geometric shapes to simple lines. Today the hot and dry climate of the area are the perfect conditions to preserve the lines. Additionally, a rich limestone layer helps protect lines from other environmental factors. Scientists believe the lines were made by digging a four- to six-inch trench in the dark stone above and exposing the lighter stone below. A sandstorm in 2014 discovered 2 new figures and scientists believe that in ancient times there were many more lines than we see today. Today, many tourists during their vacations in Peru decide to include this magnificent destination in their itineraries.


the nazca lines mystery and purpose
Among the different Nazca Lines facts, we can find that they were made during a period of 500 years. Many even assume that they were made by more than one culture. But the real question remains why they were drawn and for what purpose. Throughout the years of study of this mysterious site, there have been many theories. Some of which include irrigation systems, navigation, or even an astrological calendar. Among the most creative theories, you find that they were created by visiting extraterrestrials who visited the region many centuries ago. In early 2004 a group of researchers from the United States discovered a headless mummy. This gave a type of evidence to theories that involve human sacrifice. Near the discovery were also found many pieces of pottery containing patterns similar to the Nazca Lines and figures that dance around the lines. These discoveries gave birth to the theory that the lines were drawn to thank the gods in exchange for rain. Being a dry region, the rain would have been important, and finding water was a crucial part of the survival of the region. Another recent study has found that the lines have been connected to nearby wells that were used for irrigation. This could also mean that the lines were used to irrigate the desert turning the area into a lush green garden. This requires some imagination but the theory is credible. Many of these theories have been part of the great Nazca lines mystery.


the nazca lines mystery and the best time to visit them
It is generally advisable to visit the lines during the Peruvian summer. Summer in Peru, especially on the coast of Peru, runs from December to April. Note that the temperature in the Nazca region is usually high. Fortunately, many of the hotels in Nazca have swimming pools. So enjoy a few days of relaxation in the city before taking off on your flight. Besides, Nazca is in the middle of the tourist routes, being able to combine this destination with others. After enjoying a beautiful flight over the lines, take advantage of a full day in Paracas. Getting from the Nazca lines to Lima and Lima to Paracas is very easy. Since many bus companies offer excellent services daily. From Nazca, you can also travel to the southern city of Arequipa, known as the White City. This beautiful city is the second most populated city in Peru. From Nazca, some buses go to the Andean city of Cusco. Cusco was the heart of the Inca Empire and the city is full of Inca temples and ruins. Take advantage of your trip to Peru and get to know some of the best destinations at your disposal.


As you can see, the Nazca lines mystery is one that may perhaps be solved by the scientific discoveries of the following years. But despite this, the lines continue to be one of the most magical destinations to visit in Peru. Together with the experts from Cusco Peru Travel, we hope we have been helpful. Remember that to organize a flight through the lines it is a matter of contacting our advisors. Don’t waste time and take advantage of this magical destination once and for all.

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