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Best Places to Visit in Northern Peru

Many times due to attractions like Machu Picchu, northern Peru goes unnoticed by the radar of many tourists. But the truth is that in the north, there are a series of unmissable destinations for admirers of archaeological ruins, alternative cultures, and wildlife observers. You can experience all the geographical diversity of the Andean country added to other hidden tourist attractions of Peru. Therefore, together with the luxury-travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we have prepared this article about the best destinations to enjoy in Northern Peru.



northern peru trujillo

Trujillo is also known as the “City of Eternal Spring” and is about 8 hours from Lima by bus, in northern Peru. It is the third-largest city in Peru and continues in constant expansion and urbanization with large shopping centers to enjoy. It still preserves some buildings of colonial architecture to appreciate; even, around its Plaza de Armas, you will find restaurants, churches, and numerous other attractions. As Trujillo is a big city, it is better that you have precautions for better safety in Peru. You can visit the ancient adobe city of Chan Chan, Las Huacas del Sol y la Luna, and Huanchaco among others. The ruins in the north are usually very interesting because they generally predate the Incas. It can be an excellent opportunity to learn about the history and hidden culture in northern Peru.


northern peru chavin

Chavín de Huantar is one of the best destinations to visit in northern Peru. Another of the many declared UNESCO World Heritages that you will find throughout Peru. This amazing space was one of the first homes of the Pan-Andean religion. It is an archaeological complex built by the Chavin culture between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. This impressive place is located near the Andean mountains, between the Mosna and Huacheqsa rivers. The complex had two temples that still preserve some of their parts and where you can find a network of mazes to feel like an explorer. Besides, the site has numerous and exotic ancient sculptures to observe. It is one of the best attractions in the Ancash region to include in a trip to Peru that can complement your experience.


northern peru gocta waterfall

The Gocta waterfall is about 771 meters high and is one of the highest waterfalls in the world. To get there, it is necessary to walk on trails that cross green fields and cloud forests. It is one of the most incredible attractions in northern Peru where you can enjoy amazing views. You will also be able to experience the numerous wildlife that lives in the surroundings. If you are looking to be able to explore Peru, this is one of its most amazing sites. There are several ways to get there, so the path will depend on how you would like to visit the place. In rainy seasons, you can see up to 22 different waterfalls along the way, making it a great time to visit it.


northern peru chan chan

Some numerous archaeological sites and complexes show the ancient cultures and civilizations that lived in northern Peru, some even much older than the Incas. An example of this is the ancient adobe city of Chan Chan. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ancient capital of the Chimú culture. The city dates from the approximate years of 900 AD to 1,400 AD, the Chimú culture was one of the most prosperous in northern Peru that fell under the rule of the Inca Empire. It is made up of about ten citadels where the ancient civilization lived and worked. Today, it is one of the best places to visit in Peru and take photos.


northern peru kuelap

The Kuelap fortress was the ancient home of the civilization known as Chachapoyas. It is one of the many hidden treasures in northern Peru and a great alternative to the Machu Picchu complex. The Chachapoyas or “people of the clouds” were one of the many cultures that existed before the arrival of the Incas and that fell under their rule. This ancient culture left its greatest work of art on top of the mountains at about 3,200 meters above sea level. It is also known as the northern Machu Picchu and is considered the largest stone archaeological site on the continent. The complexity and architecture of the fort is testimony to how skilled the Chachapoyas were. If you are thinking of enjoying Machu Picchu on a Peru vacation, you cannot miss this majestic engineering marvel that complements your trip even more.


northern peru mancora

Now, if you are looking to enjoy the luxury Peru tours, you can also head to one of the most festive and youthful northern destinations in the Andean Country. Máncora is home to the best parties and beaches in all of Peru, so if you are looking for endless summer and the best waves to ride, this is your place. There are many exclusive and more private beaches around and numerous high-quality restaurants to enjoy fresh seafood. Do not miss this amazing place in northern Peru.


We hope together with Cusco Peru Travel to have enlightened you a little about the wonderful destinations you can find in the north of the Andean country. It is in the north where the traces of the oldest civilizations in the Americas are found and incredible places are hidden from the eye of the common tourist. If you want to know more about everything you can experience in the north, you can contact our qualified advisers at no cost.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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