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Which is the best time to take an Amazon tour in Peru?

The Selva, the Jungle, the vibrant swathe of Peru, the most biodiverse region on earth, all attempt to name this magical and beautiful place, the Amazon. It boasts spectacular and breathtaking wildlife -home of thousands of species of birds, plants and other animals- and captivating landscapes which means that your Peru jungle tours will be the most fulfilling and unbeatable journey of your life. 

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Peruvian Amazon boasts many marvelous and full-of-life cities. They house a huge percent of the natural essence of Peru. A great example is the city of Iquitos which tops the list and is considered the outstanding gateway to the Amazon. Another good example is the city of Puerto Maldonado, known as “The Capital of Biodiversity” due to its magnificent flora and fauna. According to this, an exceptional jungle tour is guaranteed.

But in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you must know about the amazon weather conditions to make your Peru jungle tours comfortable and remarkable.

Amazon weather: Slightly seasonal

Everything depends on your preference since the Amazon rainforest is a year-round destination.

Take into consideration that the weather patterns of the rainforest feature rains, humidity, and heat. There are two common seasons: High and low-water season.

  • High-water season (23-30ºC)

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This season extends from November through April. During those months, you can see higher rivers (rivers can rise up to 7 meters in some parts of the Amazon Basin) due to the heavy rains. You will get better river accessibility and navigation, which is perfect for canoeing and exploring during your Peru jungle tours. Also, the high-water season is a good time to swim in blackwater creeks. Moreover, this season brings more mosquitoes and cooler temperatures.

  • Low-water season (26-40ºC)

peru jungle tours dry season

This season runs from June through October. The lower river levels affect river navigation which means that the walking trails are more accessible. You will get a great access to deeper parts of the Amazon. In other words, your Amazon rainforest tours will give you the great opportunity to go far into the high-spirited Peruvian jungle.

Besides, there will be more visibility of wildlife such as caiman crocodiles. Also, better fishing and birding opportunities.

This season brings fewer mosquitoes than the high-water season. But keep in mind that even though the number of mosquitoes, it’s pretty important to use insect repellent. A mosquito bite is a synonym of possible dangerous diseases

The Peruvian Amazon taking up a total of around 60% of Peru. But in spite of its immense size, the Amazon weather patterns don’t change too much from season to season since all the Amazonian areas are located in the tropics, near the equator. Thus, the climate is hot and humid all year-long (lowest percentage in the dry season, about 80%; while in the rainy season is often 100%). However, an adventure river cruise into the Amazonian rivers can be promising.

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Health Considerations

Independently of the season that you plan to take your Peru jungle tours, you must consider the information below:

  • Vaccination against Yellow Fever: We recommend you to put it, at least, two weeks before your trip.
  • Mosquitoes: A mosquito bite not only is annoying but also brings diseases such as malaria. A good way to prevent it is wearing long-sleeve shirts, long pants and also sleeping under mosquito nets. Take the precautions of the case and don’t let your skin expose. Otherwise, use repellent.  
  • Drinking water: It’s not safe to drink water from the tap or river. So, always carry with you a bottle of water to drink.

Aside from these health considerations, keep in mind you must be well-prepared for strong heat, high humidity, and rains. You can consider bringing these essentials for your Peru jungle tours: Waterproof trekking boots, slippers and flip flops, long pants, long-sleeve and light-colored cotton shirts, windbreaker or jacket, raincoat or poncho, cap or hat, insect repellent, and sunscreen.

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Finally, it’s essential to add that the Amazon environment deserves all our respect. Thus, protect the biological diversity and the ecosystem when you travel to the Amazon rainforest.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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