peruvian landscapes

Peru Landscapes

Peru is a complete and all-terrain tourist destination in every way, where you can enjoy not only a unique culture in South America but also all its distinctions intertwined with food, architecture, and art. But despite the architectural and archaeological wonders that Peru offers, one of its greatest strengths is its unparalleled natural settings. Thanks to the enormous geographical diversity of the Andean country, you can find a whole spectrum of different landscapes, from arid deserts to cloud forests. For this reason, together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we want to tell you a little about the most incredible Peruvian landscapes that you can find on your way through Peru.

Great landscapes to appreciate in their maximum splendor in your vacations in Peru


peruvian landscapes vinicunca

Vinicunca Mountain is one of the most incredible Peruvian landscapes in the surroundings of Cusco. It is popularly known by the name of the Rainbow Mountain, it is a photographic postcard quite famous among young travelers. To get there, you will find numerous tour operators offering one-day tours. Please, note that tours usually depart early in the morning to return for dinner, so it is best to book a full day. The tours generally consist of a hiking trek to the top of the mountain, where you will be rewarded with exceptional views of the mountain and its surroundings. It is worth mentioning that the walk can be a bit difficult due to the height at which it is located. Therefore, there are alternatives where you can ride a horse quite to the top and enjoy only the landscapes in Peru.


peruvian landscapes lake titicaca

Lake Titicaca is considered the highest navigable lake in the world since it is located very close to the city of Puno at 3,800 meters above sea level. This amazing lake whose waters merge with the sky is one of the most essential Peruvian landscapes to explore. Its incomparable landscapes are the cradle of numerous ancestral traditions, it is even said that Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of the God Inti and the Inca Empire. Together with its different islands, they form one of the best attractions within the Andean country.


peruvian landscapes colca canyon

In our list of Peruvian landscapes, we could not miss the epic Colca Canyon, considered one of the deepest canyons in the world, doubling the famous Grand Canyon in depth. The Colca Valley boasts a depth of approximately 4,150 meters. It is highly recommended to enjoy a Colca full-day tour, to get to know the main attractions of the place, although there are also tours of more than one day. If you are lucky, from the Cruz del Cóndor viewpoint you will be able to spot the majestic Andean Condor in flight.


peruvian landscapes huacachina

Among the different Peruvian landscapes, you will not only find lush jungles or coastal beaches, but also one of the most spectacular deserts in the world. Very close to the city of Ica is the Huacachina oasis, a small town with an amazing hotel infrastructure where you can spend the night. One of the great attractions of this town is the great sand dunes that you can find around it, being the protagonist in activities such as buggy riding and sandboarding among others. Dare to enjoy the adrenaline in the magical town of Huacachina.


peruvian landscapes machu picchu

Our list of Peruvian landscapes would be incomplete if we did not include the unique Machu Picchu. The magical citadel of the Incas is one of the new seven wonders of the world and one of the most essential places to visit on your trip. This marvel of architecture remained hidden for centuries among the thick vegetation and mountains, only being discovered in 1911 by an American explorer. The Inca citadel forms an important part of the Peruvian culture, being one of the few intact archaeological sites after the Spanish conquest.


peruvian landscapes paracas national reserve

Paracas is a small coastal town that is located about three hours from Lima. In the area, in addition to the lovely town, is the well-known Paracas National Reserve, a paradise of diverse and indescribable sceneries including lots of wildlife to observe. This is one of the most visited places by tourists who want to see wildlife without having to enter the Amazon. You will also find well-known tours to the Ballestas Islands, another unmissable place for nature lovers. In case this is not enough, you can enjoy other varied activities, such as camping, buggy riding, and much more!


peruvian landscapes pacaya samiria

The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is one of the largest protected areas in the Peruvian Amazon and within the world. You can access it from the city of Iquitos, in the northern jungle of Peru. This reserve protects more than 2 million hectares of tropical forest and a great diversity of animals and plants. Generally, luxury cruises tour the different corners of the Reserve, all with the comforts you would expect from any type of exclusive service. Besides, some of these usually offer additional excursions to see the beautiful pink dolphin and other types of exceptional views. Within our luxury Peru tours, you will be able to undertake one of these luxurious cruises while enjoying the beautiful Peruvian landscapes around you.


peruvian landscapes manu national park

One of the greatest places and Peruvian landscapes to explore and get to know is the Manu National Park, which covers up to 1.7 million hectares of Andean forests and low jungle. The Manu National Park is not the only sector protected from external influences, there are also other wonderful places within the Amazon rainforest in Peru to explore, such as the Tambopata National Reserve that borders Bolivia.


We hope, together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, to have informed you a little about the main Peruvian landscapes. You will find infinities of forms of entertainment, endless adventures, and much more within them. If you want to find out more about private trips in Peru, you can consult with our qualified advisers.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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