What are the benefits of a luxury tour in Peru?

Peru is well known as an extraordinary destination, attractive and captivating. And this is a country full of diversity and authenticity of its culture, nature, and gastronomy, which keeps the pure essence of its ancestors as well as of its paradises full of life and worthy of exploration. As a demanding traveler accustomed to enjoying the best services and attention, join the great trip of pleasure, learning, and freedom in every kilometer marked in all the places luxury vacation to Peru. Go ahead and let yourself be dazzled! … there are great benefits if you desire to take Peru luxury tours. Know about them right here:

peru luxury tours hotel in machu picchu

The delight of Peru’s unique attractions

In the Peru travel guide, you will find many wonders, some of them with more common visits and others not very well known but still very interesting. These last ones, only the most audacious dare to discover. However, even in the common, you can generate Peru luxury tours exceptional and exclusive always.

The Coast will surprise you with its prehispanic past immortalized in incredible huacas and a colonial legacy impregnated in each architectural work that adorns it, but also in its modernity, superior gastronomy, and fun that you can easily find on its beaches, its biodiversity and its lively night.

The Andean mountain range offers its imposing beautiful landscapes, snow-capped peaks, rivers, canyons, and valleys, where strong natural energy predominates, impressive Inca ruins full of history and mysteries (such as the great wonder of Machu Picchu), local gastronomy and typical folklore.

The Amazon is the habitat of magnificent flora and fauna, in addition, you can navigate by boat on a river in a tropical climate and meet a population with very particular traditions and cultures.

peru luxury tours machu picchu

Ask the experts, they will know how to help you with the destinations and places that best suit your preferences taking into consideration the luxury on a budget in Peru.

The booming of local communities

If you immerse in the Community Tourism you basically learn and experience about the way of life of the local inhabitants who are people very conscious of the equilibrium and harmony needed to provide the Pachamama (Mother Earth) the greatest possible respect. The community share with you their celebrations, traditional cultures, rituals, and wisdom of their ancestors.

peru luxury tours community tourism

When you opt for including it in your Peru luxury tours as a different and memorable one, you support the local economy of the community and the conservation of their resources.

Full exercise and satisfaction of achievement

This is exactly what you will feel doing the Inca Trails, Alternative Treks to Machu Picchu or the full days hike to the Humantay Lake or Rainbow Mountain, where you reach the bigger elevations and altitudes. Just doing one of these treks while exploring the Andean highlands, you perfectly exercise your body and mind with a tremendous adventure and a great reward of the achievement after having had on the way, a lot of fun in a foreign and exotical land.

peru luxury tours adventure trail

Sleep as home in a foreign country

Accommodation is very important at the moment of plan your Peru luxury tours. This is why very carefully, you choose the nicest hotels with comfortable rooms and high quality of service and attention. Here, the experts are the best to specify which the perfect ones are and you will be able to decide between lists of them.

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Just for reference, the Inkaterra chain hotels in Peru, very requested by the majority of tourists, are hugely proud of having Inkaterra Association that with part of the profits obtained provides environmental education at some schools and training conservation and communal development programs for local communities.

Use of rail transport with amazing views

Your Peru luxury tour will be splendidly planned with your luxury train to Machu Picchu as well as to Puno or Cusco and Arequipa. The journey by train is magic. You enjoy the most amazing views on the route, there are meals and entertainment on board such us live show of music and typical dances that will leave you fascinated.

Peru Rail often exceeds travelers’ expectations, offering a service founded on safety and quality, and providing unique travel experiences. Has an alliance with UNICEF and keeps generating work/jobs to Peruvian people and foreigners as well as many other companies do.

peru luxury tours luxury train to Machu Picchu

Don’t hesitate to talk with the experts of the trains which will cause you a great memory… might be the Sacred Valley Train or Hiram Bingham Train to Machu Picchu, and what about the train to Puno …the Titicaca Train or Belmond Andean Explorer… You have many options.

Personal growth

Traveling is an adventure challenge. It is better than an open book! It brings you joy and makes you wake up curiosities as well as discover the answers through the learnings and knowledge gained. Traveling produces unforgettable memories for a lifetime and will possibly make you win new friendships. Undoubtedly, a dream come true from which you will have acquired a lot of new content about life and society. Really everything is worth when you decide on an exclusive trip that could be Peru luxury travel packages, and add as many days as possible, destinations that satisfy your interest and incomparable experiences.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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