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Is Peru Safe?

In general, every traveler who wants to vacation in a foreign country wants to know how safe it is to be able to walk through its streets and enjoy without having to be paranoid. Much more when we speak of such a tourist destination as the Andean country. But regularly, you have nothing to worry about during your stay in Peru. You will not be killed or kidnapped within Peru, but that does not mean that you do not have to be attentive or vigilant to your surroundings. For this reason, together with Cusco Peru Travel, we want to tell you everything about safety in Peru. In this way, you can enjoy a luxurious and exclusive moment without suffering inconveniences.



Safety in Peru how safe

If you are wondering how safe the Inca territory usually is, you do not have to worry. In general, Peru is a safe destination to visit and tour. Even so, minor crimes usually occur as in any other place in the world. So surely this will require you to be a little more attentive to your surroundings and belongings. Thefts usually occur against careless tourists or those who presume valuables. So if you are attentive and take certain precautions, you will not have to worry during your trip. You will find that this destination is full of numerous luxury Peru tours to enjoy, and many of them in large cities such as Lima or Cusco. It is especially in these destinations where you will have to be careful, especially the Peruvian capital, which is where the greatest amount of thefts usually happen. Even so, this does not have to be a reason to avoid cities, with the indicated tour operator you can avoid all kinds of unnecessary conflicts.


If you want to undertake a trip to Peru, you better know that the threat of violent crime is not greater than in many of the main cities in the world. Being able to enjoy a vacation in the beautiful and complete Andean country is relatively safe. Contemporary Peru is far from its rebellious, terrorist, and corruption-filled past. In the same way, this does not mean that you can be walking carefree on its streets, because minor crimes still exist, but they are very avoidable and easy to detect. With the correct security measures and street intelligence, you can go unnoticed and make the most of your visit to Peru. Safety in Peru will be one of your last concerns and you will be able to appreciate all its attractions accordingly.


Safety in Peru women traveling

Many women have traveled alone to Peru and only have great experiences to tell. All women who are planning a trip to Peru do not have to worry much about taking the correct preventive measures. In the same way, although it is not ideal, women tend to have a higher risk in terms of aggression or assaults. So it would be very wise to try to avoid dark and empty streets, especially at night. Try to go out with some company as much as possible or let them know where you are going. If you take certain precautions into account you will have no major problems and you will be able to make the most of your visit to the Andean country. Adventurous women can feel safe in Peru and know that they will have wonderful moments.


With so many beautiful places to visit in Peru, it is normal to wonder how safe transportation is. All transportation throughout Peru is quite safe and reliable, especially certified and qualified companies. But within public transport such as alternative taxis or buses, you have to be a little more careful. In cities like Lima, assaults often occur on buses, with some taxi drivers even ripping off newcomers. It is always good to call a taxi from recognized companies and avoid stopping one on the street. Frequently, you can feel safe in Peru, if you follow these simple precautions.


Safety in Peru money atm

The official currency of Peru is the Sol, but you will notice that many places accept US dollars at the current exchange rate. If you are thinking of doing a Solo Travel, it is advisable to keep your money and valuables in a different and safe place. It is not prudent to keep all your money in one place, always try to keep it in hidden pockets, or even try to avoid cash. It is much safer to have a credit or debit card, and even having a few copies of these is not a bad idea. You will also find numerous ATMs available throughout the country, so you don’t need to take all your money with you. For better safety in Peru, you should handle yourself with credit cards and avoid cash as much as possible.


Safety in Peru measures to take

Our best Peru travel advice is that you follow the following measures and recommendations to enjoy your trip to the fullest:

  • Leave your valuables in your trusted room or hotel.
  • Choose the most public ATMs, preferably in the busiest areas and with cameras.
  • Buy travel and theft insurance to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Learn some Spanish, the native language of Peru. Use dictionaries or applications in their absence.
  • Choose reputable bus and transportation operators.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Be on the lookout for muggers, especially on buses or crowded places.

But to enjoy being safe in Peru, it is also necessary to have healthy safety. So always try to wash your hands, wash the fruits you buy, wear masks if necessary, and carry hand sanitizer.


We hope together with Cusco Peru Travel to have made you aware a little about how to have adequate security measures throughout the Andean country. You can consult our methods and security protocols regarding our trips together with our qualified advisers.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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