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Peru vacation: Tips to plan a visit

There is no doubt that Peru has a lot to offer. From a unique culture, style, a giant history, and one of the best cuisines in the world. And knowing this, it is not surprising that it is a destination chosen by thousands of travelers. This beautiful country is full of activities and things to experience. Impressive hikes, hidden paradisiacal beaches, jungle excursions, nights out, mountain climbs, salsa dancing, ecotourism in Peru, and much more. But before enjoying Peru vacations, it is a good idea to review a few things. Therefore together with Cusco Peru Travel, we have prepared an article about how to plan your Peru vacations. Here are a few things that can help you plan your visit a little better.

Everything you need to know to plan a Peru vacations


things to see peru vacations

During your Peru vacations, you will find many tourist places to see and contemplate. From the Amazon in the north and southeast to the Andes mountain range that stretches from north to south to the coast in the west. Depending on how much time you have and where your interests are, you must set your priorities or even combine those destinations of great importance. It is advisable to have a small plan of your preferred destinations so that you can check transportation accordingly.

If you are planning luxury family vacations in Peru, there are many advantages. Especially if you are traveling with underage children. Keep in mind that most transport companies, hotels, and restaurants offer discounts, as well as entrance tickets (for example, to Machu Picchu), which are cheaper. In order to get a discount, you often need a copy of your child’s passport. Don’t forget to ask! Since traveling with young children can sometimes be a bit stressful. But it is worth contacting different travel agencies. As they often offer family-friendly tour packages, with many interesting places to see for both parents and children on their Peru vacations.


when to go peru vacations

The majority of people spend their Peru vacations in summer. However, some people spend their holidays in winter, especially after Christmas. They choose to enjoy themselves with the whole family, in a different country. Some might be discouraged to go to Peru at this time since it is the rainy season in the Andes and their main destination is Cusco and Machu Picchu. But do not be scared! Visiting Peru in January is actually quite nice. When it comes to the Andes you will encounter the rainy season from November to March. It rains a lot, but you will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful environment, where everything is blooming and much greener.

Along the coastal part of Peru, for example, Lima, you will enjoy a pleasant and warm climate with little or no rain. Regarding the Amazon region, you will be able to appreciate that it is much hotter there. However, the Peruvian Amazon unlike the coast is quite humid. A general advantage is that there are far fewer people, so if you don’t like large waves of tourists, you may want to consider planning your vacation in the Peruvian jungle. You will find many things to do in the Peruvian Amazon to enjoy with your family or with your partner. It is an area that is worth knowing, especially if you are looking to see the great diversity of wildlife in Peru.

Also, make sure you have a passport that is at least 6 months valid on your departure date. You usually get a tourist visa for 183 days automatically once you go through immigration at the airport. However, there may be exceptions for some countries. Find out before you go on vacation.


peru vacations budget

An important point to think about before traveling is the estimated cost of your Peru vacation. The cost will depend a lot on what you have planned. It will all depend on your traveling options and how long you will be staying. Whether you are looking for luxury tours, backpacking options, or just relaxing in the best Peru beach destinations. All these are factors that will influence the final cost. In order to calculate the cost of your Peru vacations, it is useful to know what the currency of Peru is. Peru’s currency is the Nuevo Sol. Although this is the official currency, you can also pay quite a bit in US dollars. Especially when it comes to reservations for hotels, tourist restaurants, travel agencies, or in tourist shops and places like Aguas Calientes (the small town of Machu Picchu).


peru vacations transportation

Your budget will depend a lot on the means of transport you have chosen. Taking a flight to your destination will be much faster. Especially for the longer distances in Peru. Taking a flight to your destination will be much faster, but generally also much more expensive. Although domestic flights are usually cheaper when booking in Peru. Most popular destinations such as Arequipa, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, and Iquitos can be reached from Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport. The Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco is also another great airport where you can travel across the country. While it is quite difficult or sometimes even impossible to find domestic flights from other cities.

However, you may find a bus company that will take you to your desired destination without having to return to Cusco or Lima by plane. The bus system in Peru is quite advanced and you will find numerous buses that will take you to your next stop. Prices vary a lot, depending on the service you prefer. You can book buses directly at the terminal or in advance. Please note that bus tours are longer. Most bus companies offer overnight rides, so you can get to a safe time and just sleep on the bus earlier. Check with the bus terminal for more information.


money in peru vacations

You can change the currency in your home country or in Peru. And it is recommended to do this before the trip officially begins. In this way, you can be immersed in the trip and no inconvenience affects your experience. It is always a good idea to carry some cash with you. Whether for meals, attractions, or other unforeseen events. But carrying large amounts of cash is not a good idea since you become an easy target for thieves.

When you arrive at the airport, you will find that you can change the currency, although the exchange rate can be a bit high. ATMs, banks, and currency exchange places are found very close to the tourist destinations. However, many of Peru’s remote areas and historic sites are not always easy to get to. It is also highly recommended to use credit cards. Hotels, restaurants, and the main attractions accept most of the cards available.


packing for peru vacations

Please note that when packing for your Peru vacations, both airlines and trains have bag size and weight restrictions. Although it is important to come well prepared, it is advisable to travel light. Regardless of the weight allowed on your international flight, the weight of your luggage should reflect what the domestic flights from Peru allow. Since their restrictions are limited to 23 kilograms (50 pounds) per person. The train from Cusco to Machu Picchu has little space for luggage. One medium-sized piece of luggage and one carry-on per person is the standard limit. Also, you will not need luggage to visit Machu Picchu. In case you plan to stay in Aguas Calientes, a few changes of clothes will be enough. Even in some places to visit in Machu Picchu, you will have to carry your luggage, so the less you load, the easier it will be to travel.


necessary documents in peru vacations

It is highly recommended to have a valid passport before embarking on your Peru vacations. Depending on your country of origin you may need to obtain a visa to come to Peru. For more information, you can get details with your tour operator of choice. As you need your passport for many activities, it is recommended that you make a few copies of it. The passport is the main identification to travel in our country. With a copy of it, you will avoid losing the original one. Just as it is a good idea to make copies of your passport, a copy of your credit cards is vital for your Peru vacations. If you are going to solo travel around Peru, a copy of your main documents will be of vital importance.


peru vacations travel safely

If you are taking any medications or have any health problems, be sure to bring a copy of the most recent medical records to your Peru vacations. It is strongly suggested to acquire a trusted travel insurance plan. No matter where you buy travel insurance, you must ensure that the minimum coverage includes certain options. Such as trip cancellation and interruption, luggage delay, loss or theft of luggage and travel documents, medical expenses, and emergency assistance among other benefits. Also, do not forget to have a copy of the insurance policy that is easily accessible throughout the different tours in Peru.

One of the most common problems for newcomers to the highlands of Peru is altitude sickness. For this reason, it is advisable to relax for at least one day for good acclimatization. It is advisable to drink a lot of water and avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, or tobacco. There are also pills and medicines for altitude sickness. These are undoubtedly available in any pharmacy in Peru.


Taking these tips into account, you will have much easier planning. But you can leave the planning of your trip in the hands of experts. Planning a Peru vacation can be much easier with a trusted tour operator. Together with Cusco Peru Travel, we hope we have been of help. If you have more doubts or questions about your next vacation, do not hesitate to consult with our team of qualified advisors.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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