places to visit in machu picchu

Places to Visit in Machu Picchu

We know how difficult it can be to organize a tour when it comes to Machu Picchu. But once there, do you know which are the best places to visit? We have thought deeply about this topic together with the experts at Cusco Peru Travel. And we have come to a small list where we summarize those unmissable regions within your tour of the Inca complex. The entire built area of ​​the Inca citadel covers an area of ​​about 530 meters long by about 200 meters wide. The complex can be classified into two large areas, of which both have more than 170 enclosures. And among all the wonderful places within the Inca complex, only a few require your special attention. That is why we have prepared a small list of the best places to visit in Machu Picchu. These are usually mandatory stops within a guided tour of Machu Picchu.

The most important places to visit in Machu Picchu


places to visit in machu picchu agricultural area

The agricultural area of ​​Machu Picchu is usually one of the first places to visit in Machu Picchu. This region is characterized by the abundant presence of cultivation terraces or agricultural platforms. These are stepped constructions located on the slopes of the mountain, essential for growing corn and other products. Within the perimeter of the agricultural area are the Funeral Rock and the lookout post.


The guardian hut is a construction of about three walls with windows on the side, it is also known as “Huayrana”. From this site, you can be able to appreciate in a panoramic way both the agricultural and urban areas. The sun can be strong up high, so make sure to bring some sunblock when climbing Machu Picchu.


places to visit in machu picchu andenes

The platforms and terraces had a leading role within the Inca citadel. The agricultural region is one of the most important places and supports the administrative, religious, and cultural functions of the Inca citadel. It should be noted that there were platforms and terraces of different sizes, depending on their function. Some terraces had support or containment purposes and in this way to affirm the terrain and prevent landslides.


The entire urban area is divided from the agricultural area by a 400-meter long wall. In itself, this same area can be divided into two other subgroups, the sacred or Hanan sector, and the residential or Hurin sector. In itself, the entire area includes some of the best places to visit in Machu Picchu. If you are planning to visit the Inca citadel, you should start organizing now. The best time to visit Machu Picchu can be within the dry season.


places to visit in machu picchu sacred sector

The sacred sector or Hanan is differentiated from its other counterpart, it has well-marked streets, paths, enclosures, and corridors. Due to the type of architecture that can be seen in the sector, it is believed that it was designed for a high social class. Among the different places to visit in Machu Picchu, you can find Sacred Square, the Temple of the Sun, the Royal Palace, and the Intihuatana among others.


The Sacred Square is a group of buildings around a square patio. Within this space are two of the best places to visit in Machu Picchu, the Temple of the three windows, and the main Temple. The pieces of evidence indicate that the site was destined for different local rituals.


The Temple of the Sun is one of the best examples of organic architecture in the entire world. This temple was used for religious ceremonies. The upper part of the tower is characterized by having a large rock carved in the manner of an altar, different niches, and windows to observe the phenomena of the sky. While the lower part also has niches and inside a lithic sculpture. You can enjoy a guided tour around the temple within our many luxury Peru tours.


places to visit in machu picchu temple of the earth

It is traditionally known as the Royal Mausoleum or Tomb of the Inca. The Temple of the Dead is a natural cavern whose roof serves as the base for the Temple of the Sun. Inside you can see a rock carved in the shape of a staircase that was used as an altar to place offerings.


Among the places to visit in Machu Picchu, the Royal Palace is one of the largest. This house is made up of wonderful masonry works. In its main room, you can find about ten niches and also a small platform, so it is suspected that it was a type of bedroom. While at the back you can see a two-story room accessed by a staircase. For more Machu Picchu information you can consult with our advisers.


places to visit in machu picchu intihuatana

The Intihuatana is one of the best places to visit in the Wonder of the World and one of the highest sectors within the urban area. It is one of the most important sectors of the Hanan sector and of the entire Machu Picchu itself. This construction is one of the most enigmatic of the entire complex and is related to astronomical purposes.


Within the residential sector, you can see numerous groups of buildings, such as the Temple of the Condor, Los Morteros, and Sacred Rock among others. It is believed that some places may have been the home of certain administrators or priests.



places to visit in machu picchu sacred rock

The Sacred Rock, as the name implies, is a carved rock that possibly interprets the silhouette of a mountain. La Roca is located on the road that leads to Huayna Picchu and the Temple of the Moon, some of the best places to visit in Machu Picchu.


The Temple of the Condor is a set of constructions using irregular shapes above a cave that had clear ceremonial purposes. The condor was a deity with a great symbolic representation of the Andean world, being the only animal capable of communicating with the gods and spirits.


places to visit in machu picchu quarries

Within this space, you can see numerous unworked stones, a product of the natural characteristics of the adjacent landscape. It is believed that this area is directly related to the suppliers of building materials for the different areas of the citadel.


Cusco Peru Travel hopes to have been of help, remember that there are other sites and constructions no less important to visit within the citadel. There are even numerous alternatives to appreciate the views of the citadel. If you want to know more about our tours of the Wonder of the World, do not forget to contact our advisors.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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