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What to do in Puerto Maldonado?

Located in the southeast region of Peru, on the riverside of Madre de Dios and Tambopata, Puerto Maldonado is a good base to explore the Amazon jungle because it houses a huge percent of the magical essence of Peruvian nature. Its marvelous atmosphere surrounded by an extraordinary tropical environment will give you the opportunity to connect with nature in a special and deep way. From that moment, your rainforest experience will be full of unforgettable memories. Thus, get ready to enjoy your journey to the fullest! 

Puerto Maldonado is also known as “The Capital of Biodiversity” due to its imposing beauty and interesting flora and fauna. Amazon rainforest tours will give you the great opportunity to go far into the vivacious jungle.

We will give you some information and a couple of suggestions on what to do in Puerto Maldonado:

The jungle of southern Peru

puerto maldonado rainforest

The main reason by nature and adventure lovers is to go into the Peruvian Amazon and do some exploring. Over there, you will experience a sublime and grandiose beauty. The Amazonian colors, sounds, and scents will let you marveled.

The Tambopata National Reserve, with its impressive and flourishing ecosystem, will be the perfect start point for a remarkable rainforest experience. This reserve attracts a lot of adventurous travelers who want to explore one of the most geographical and biologically diverse regions on the planet. There is plenty of chances to see tons of wildlife over there. Thus, Tambopata tours should be included in your travel itinerary. Your journey will be outstanding.

*The most popular tour is a 5-day Amazon tour. This one will allow you to go very remote into the reserve and explore some of the more isolated areas. 

Lake Sandoval

puerto maldonado lake sandoval

This lake counts with a precious landscape. It is the natural habitat of tons of turtles, alligators, sea otters, macaws, parrots, monkeys, bunches of butterflies and other species.

Canopy walks

At a height of over 20 meters, a canopy walk offers you perfect and panoramic views of the captivating Amazon. You will also be able to see some animals much closer, considering that most of the species live in the highest parts. It completely sounds like a dream for passionate nature lovers.

Hike in the forest

In order to be marveled and absorbed in the amazing biodiversity of the Amazon, you must take a walk through the jungle. You can find birds, insects, reptiles, mammals and many more.

What activities can you do?

puerto maldonado tambopata

  • Canoeing in the Tambopata river
  • Jungle walk to learn about the endless species of plants and medicinal plants
  • Birdwatching in the clay licks
  • Fishing
  • Night tours

A special memory

Going on a luxury Amazon cruise will give your journey a very special touch. You will have the chance to spot wildlife, majestic sunsets and admire the change of colors in the sky. And also enjoy the night sounds of the jungle, considered by many the perfect soundtrack for a perfect day.

Keep yourself busy

Puerto Maldonado city also offers some other interesting things to do before and after your amazon rainforest tours. For example, The Plaza de Armas counts with an eight-story lookout tower known as the Obelisk. From the top, you can get a nice view of the town and the surrounding river.

The local market offers a wide variety of tropical juices and traditional Amazonian food. The most popular dishes in Puerto Maldonado are Juane (a piece of chicken wrapped with rice and cooked in a leaf) and Tacacho (a mashed green plantain which has been rolled up into a ball and then cooked).

Another well-known attraction is the “Monkey Island”, a place where hundreds of monkeys of different species live. The Butterfly Observatory, home of thousands of beautiful butterflies; here you can see many species up close.

Leading to the majestic Andes

from puerto maldonado to machu picchu

After a few days of exploration in the amazing Peruvian jungle, maybe you are ready to head from the Amazon rainforest to Machu Picchu in the magnificent Peruvian Andes. The Inca Citadel and the Sacred Valley of the Incas house some of the most beautiful colonial and Inca jewels of Peru.

In conclusion, The Peruvian Amazon offers a high level of diversity, so if you are looking for a great and unforgettable adventure full of majestic nature, Puerto Maldonado is the best choice for you.

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