Lost Pyramid of Caral

Caral is another of the great archaeological sites found in northern Peru, it was built between 3,000 BC and 2,100 BC, practically at the same time that the pyramids of Egypt were built. It is also another UNESCO World Heritage Site that is not usually as traveled as the Wonder of the World. Yet what is impressive is that it was built at the same time as the pyramids of the distant and isolated civilization of Egypt. This site was home to one of the oldest civilizations in the entire American continent but also one of the most mysterious. From the different constructions of the complex, it is believed that the Caral civilization was quite advanced for its time despite being cut off from other civilizations of the old and new world. That is why together with the experts of Cusco Peru Travel we have prepared a small article about the archaeological area of ​​Caral and its most impressive details.

Caral: the cradle of human civilization in America


about caral

The Caral ruins are one of the most surprising archaeological sites in Peru and key points for the development of early civilizations. The Caral ruins have the honor of being considered one of the oldest metropolises in all of America and one of the oldest cities in the world. The surrounding pyramids were built with stone and their design represents an architectural understanding quite advanced for the time. As with other pyramids around it, it is believed that they had a religious and ceremonial purpose. It is known that within this ancient civilization agriculture predominated and they had complex irrigation systems. The site was abandoned around 2100 BC for reasons unknown to this day, but its inhabitants are supposed to have spread throughout Peru.


caral history

The Caral site was first discovered in 1905, but noticing that within the ruins there were no valuable treasures or quality ceramics, the idea of ​​exploration was quickly abandoned. In 1941, it was decided to carry out a large-scale exploration, but due to the state of disrepair of the pyramids and buildings, it was believed that they were sand dunes. And it wasn’t seriously explored until 1997 when the true historical significance of the site could be verified. The pyramids of Caral were built approximately 5,000 years ago. One of the most surprising facts is that the pyramids were built around the same time as the wonderful pyramids of Egypt. Today, the site is considered one of the most enigmatic places to visit in Peru.


caral location

The ruins of Caral are located just three hours from the Peruvian capital, in northern Peru. From Lima, it takes about 75 miles to reach the Barranca region of Peru, near the central coast of Peru. At the same time, the Caral ruins are located just 14 miles from the amazing city of Supe, one of the many settlements built by the Norte Chico civilization. To get to the ruins, simply organize a guided tour from the Peruvian capital itself or you can get there on your own through a bus trip.


caral main attractions

Just by considering the age of the ruins, you can be sure that there is much to see in its surroundings. Inside Caral, you will be able to appreciate some of the first architectural designs around the world, architectural styles that greatly influenced all the civilizations that followed. Inside the archaeological site, you can see six stone pyramids along with different ceremonial rooms, altars, and other numerous adobe sculptures. Within our varied luxury Peru tours, you will be able to visit the pyramids and amphitheaters as well as observe the artifacts unearthed by archaeologists. Even around there is one of the oldest geoglyphs to observe. The Chupacigarro geoglyph is a design carved in the ground and is assimilated into the figure of an old man with long hair. The same image has also been found on the walls of the Cerro Sechín Temple, about 200 kilometers from Caral.


caral worth visiting

The ruins of Caral are one of the oldest in all of South America, making its tour one of the most valuable in historical or anthropological aspects. While it is true that they are not one of the easiest ruins to access, they are one of the many spectacular treasures of Peru. As you walk through the desert, you will witness one of the earliest examples of human civilization. What are you waiting for to start organizing your vacations in Peru?


In conclusion, a tour of the pyramids of Caral can be a great complement to your next trip to Peru. If you want to find out more about our one-day trips from Lima, you can consult with our advisors. We will be waiting with Cusco Peru Travel for your soon visit to the Andean country.

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