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Reasons Why You Should Visit Peru

Every place on earth is unique and fascinating, but Peru is one of those countries that manage to be above average. This place has so many cultural, historical, and natural treasures that it has kept people around the world in awe for many years. This country has many attractions and great diversity to explore. That is why we have prepared a shortlist of the best reasons to visit Peru. There are numerous reasons to visit this magical place, and together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we would like to tell you about the most important ones.

The 10 greatest reasons to visit Perú and its surroundings


One of the best reasons to visit Peru is its warm people. It is always fun to meet new people and experience alternative cultures. Many Peruvians still have a direct connection with their ancestors, and they proudly preserve the Quechua culture that is so important to Peru’s history. If you are planning a trip to Peru, you will notice how most people are hard workers, very polite, peaceful, helpful, and curious about the interests of tourists. Sharing stories with them can make people have interesting learning experiences about this country and its stories.


reasons to visit peru shopping in the markets

We believe that one of the most important reasons to visit Peru is its incredible and detailed crafts to buy. Where can the history, culture, art, and extraordinary features of Peru be integrated? The answer is in their unique handicrafts. Textiles are the most famous handicraft of any region in Peru and some luxury Peru tours take part in their creation and process. You will see ladies weaving exquisite patterns that make up decorative wall blankets, scarves, pullovers, or anything in between. Other great handmade crafts come in the form of musical instruments, wood carvings, canvas paintings, and jewelry. These can not only be used as exquisite souvenirs and travel souvenirs but, by purchasing them, you can also support their traditions and provide families with better opportunities.


Peru has 28 different separate climates. This creates a diverse ecosystem and great natural diversity in a single country. You can see snow in the Andes, and not far away, you can do some sandboarding in the desert of Huacachina Oasis. You can see penguins within the Ballestas Islands next to the dry and desert-like town of Paracas, even go boating peacefully in the Amazon jungle river after a beautiful Machu Picchu trip. You can climb to the top of the Andes Mountains or down to one of the deepest canyons in the world. Varieties and combinations are unlimited. Peru is very suitable for many short trips to allow you to experience this natural change.


reasons to visit peru try its food

We know very well that one of the best reasons to visit Peru is its incredible and unique cuisine. The prosperity of Peruvian gastronomy is evidence of how its cuisine has revolutionized palates all around the world. Although you are likely to find a Peruvian restaurant in any major city in the world, nothing is more traditional than eating fresh and traditional Ceviche or Lomo Saltado. Only locals know how to cook them with fresh Peruvian products.


No matter where you travel on the coast of Peru, you will always find beautiful beaches, sometimes even empty ones. The different beaches are some of the best destinations to spend vacations in Peru. The northern region of Peru is known for the best quality waves for surfers and provides an overall good atmosphere for those who want to spend an unbeatable experience in the North. It is said that even after Ernest Hemingway visited the Peruvian beaches in the north, he was inspired to write his novel “The Old Man and the Sea”.


reasons to visit peru explore archaeological sites

Peru is home to numerous stunning and historical sites, and this is reason enough to visit Peru. There is a lot of incredibly interesting history that any traveler can easily visit. Whether by visiting a museum, wandering through towns or villages, or hiking to one of the hidden Inca ruins or archaeological sites around, you will always be surrounded by a long history and its cultural influence.


The history of Peru can be traced back thousands of years before Columbus arrived in America. Fortunately, some of them have been preserved through ruins and other customs, which can be experienced in numerous adventure activities to decipher the ancestral history. Peru is a country where different cultures (including the Andean, African, Asian, and European) merged at some point, making a unique history and culture in the process.


reasons to visit peru trekking and hiking

The ancient Peruvians regarded certain mountains as gods and called them Apus. For example, Ausangate, the fifth highest mountain in Peru, is still a pilgrimage site for Corpus Christi celebrations every year. The long journey through the Andes is full of incredible scenery, even a lot of specimens of wildlife in Peru can be found, and even some Inca ruins forgotten by time can be appreciated. The truth is you will find a lot of places to visit in Peru, many of them with options for trekking. If you are a nature lover or if you love outdoor experiences, you can be confident that you will find enough reasons to visit Peru.


Peru has 82 indigenous cultures and 47 different languages ​​(43 of them which are found in jungle areas). From the Bora tribe in the Amazon to the Quechua people in Q’ero, you can learn from the ancient culture of Peru and its relationship with nature. This will provide any tourist with a good lesson for them to learn how to live and work with Mother Earth.


Frankly speaking, the list of reasons to visit Peru could go on much longer, but we had to stop at some point. Together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we tried to summarize those most important reasons, without mentioning the already incredible and popular Machu Picchu. But if you want more reasons to travel to Peru, you have to consult with our qualified advisers.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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