Social Conscience

The luxury tourist industry is changing for the better including more sustainability and more concern for environmental issues around the world.

At CuscoPeruTravel, the luxury travel company, we are committed to the positive impact on the lives and the way of life of the communities where we developed our travel destinies. Therefore, in Peru, we are working with the local communities for better education, health, the conservation of our ancestral costumes, and our national treasures so we can move forward with responsibility and empathy. We grow, and our clients grow with experiences, but so do our countrymen in facilities, education, and labor opportunities. In the same way, we are committed to the security of our clients and comfort. This is CuscoPeruTravel, a responsible travel agency with empathy and steady improvement.

Our Mission

Customize unique experiences in the best Peruvian destinies, promoting unforgettable memories for our clients and generating development for the communities around our destinies.


We do what is possible so that the children, young people and adults realize their potential, providing comfortable spaces for learning.


We are associated with the communities that live in the Peruvian Jungle and have strategies to help preserve the endangered species in these areas, also we are working with these communities to help the preserve the fragile ecosystems.


The health of the communities is very important to us, so clean water is provided and other health needs are provided to the communities on a regular basis.


We are trying to help grow business opportunities in our communities, by introducing tourism a business they can grow, this in turn has a positive effect on the community.

Our Vision

By 2025, to be the leading local tour operator in tailor-made experiences within Peru. That helped the development of communities near the destinations it operates.