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The Amazon, a huge rainforest that extends over a significant part of South America. Among the countries that the Amazon extends we can find Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru. Among the main Amazon facts to know, Peru, after Brazil, contains around 13% of the Amazon rainforest, even occupying a large part of its territory. With its great biodiversity, it is home to several national reserves, such as the Manu National Park, the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, and the Tambopata National Reserve. The Tambopata National Reserve, after the popular Manu National Park, the best known, is a highly sought after destination among the tourist places of Peru for all Peruvian travelers. And precisely for this reason, we have prepared a small article together with Cusco Peru Travel. In this article, we will delve into the varied and surprising Tambopata Jungle tours.

All of the various Tambopata jungle tours you can enjoy 


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The Tambopata Jungle tours of the Peruvian Amazon are quite popular along with the classic Andean adventures. A common destination is Iquitos in the northern Amazon of Peru. Perfect for cruises on the longest river in the world, for example with Luxury Delfin cruises. You can also spend a few days at a lodge that includes wildlife excursions. Many offer private guides and personalized itineraries like the Tahuayo Lodge. Within the Tambopata National Reserve, there are also many lodges to stay and experience the diverse flora and fauna through various jungle tours. To get to Tambopata you must first go to Puerto Maldonado, the closest city. You can go by plane from the Lima International Airport or the Cusco International Airport. You can also take advantage of these destinations and enjoy a jungle trek to Machu Picchu. Another option is to go by bus that takes about 10 hours. There are a lot of night buses which is great so you don’t waste half a day just going from A to B, however, it is not uncommon for buses to be late so be prepared for that.


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The Tambopata National Reserve was founded in 2000 and has a huge size of 274,690 hectares, in addition to being home to incredible biodiversity. The reserve has more than 550 identified bird species (eg macaws, hoatzins), around 200 mammals (eg 200 different amphibians and reptiles (eg tree frogs, rainbow boa), thousands of insects, and more than 10,000 plants and trees identified. The main threat to this beautiful reserve is mining, which is until today the main contributor to the Peruvian economy. In this part of the Amazon, there is no rainy and dry season in this area, but it can rain at any time. It may rain a little more during January and February. Since that is normal in this region and the extent is not as drastic as in the Andes, it is unlikely that the different Tambopata jungle tours will be affected.


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There are numerous and varied Tambopata jungle tours to enjoy within the renowned nature reserve. You can choose to try experiential tourism and share with one of the indigenous communities. A community integrated into tourism is the Ese Eja community that lives in Tambopata. They are dedicated to fishing, hunting, and agriculture. They are especially dedicated to the collection of Brazilian nuts and tropical fruits such as cocoa and pineapple, which are also part of their main activities. The Ese Eja community is made up of several families, including the “Infierno” family dedicated to tourism. An incredible experience is having the opportunity to live a day in life like a traditional member of the communities and learn more about their culture. This activity is offered for example by Posadas Amazon Lodge (jointly managed by the Ese Eja community), Tambopata Research Center, and Refugio Amazonas Lodge.


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The most popular Tambopata jungle tours in the reserve are the lake tours. Having the opportunity to navigate the lake observing different birds, turtles, fish, and sometimes even otters, is one of the best sensations. Don’t miss the chance to see alligators at night! In addition to knowing the water, let yourself be fascinated by the walks through the jungle with its fauna. There is an island called “Isla de Los Monos”. This is home to spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and black-capped capuchins, as well as many other specimens of wildlife in Peru. It also has birds as inhabitants, perfect for anyone interested in bird watching. And next to the enormous diversity of plants you can find a special variety that will even leave you a temporary tattoo. Climbing the canopy towers will leave you speechless once you’ve taken a look at the vast Tambopata region, watching birds flying over the rainforest and boats cruising the lakes and rivers. One of the most popular attractions in the Tambopata National Reserve is the clay lick, a clay area where many animals gather to primarily consume the salt and antioxidants within the clay that are often vital to them. It is especially attractive to macaw parrots. The largest clay lick is offered by the Tambopata Research Center, one of the greatest Peru tourist places to visit.


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All in all, Tambopata is definitely on the list of the best tourist spots in Peru and the best Amazon tours in Peru. It is the ideal place to have unforgettable memories and an excellent option to experience wonderful ecotourism in the jungle. With the wide range of different Tambopata jungle tours, satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have little time to spend in the Peruvian Amazon, don’t worry at all. Some of the lodges offer tours for 2 days. However, some of the must-do activities include a boat ride along the lakes, the canopy tower, and the clay licks. If possible, stay at least three nights to be able to experience all of the different things to do in the Peruvian Amazon.


In conclusion, the beautiful region of Tambopata is home to endless adventure activities as well as luxury ones. It’s a matter of getting organized and choosing what appeals to you the most. But with so many numerous things to experience, it is impossible for you to get bored inside the Peruvian Amazon. Together with the experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we hope to have solved your doubts. Remember that if you would like to find out more about our tours of the Amazon, you can consult with our qualified advisors. They will be happy to help you fulfill the trip of your dreams.

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