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Tours in Peru? 10 things to know before your tour

There is no question that Peru is an endlessly fascinating country filled with an interesting culture, history, legends, and exquisite cuisine. All the corners of the country offer a wide variety of experiences that you couldn’t find somewhere else. From beach days, breathtaking hikes, charming jungle excursions to epic desert exploring and many more. But these attractive offers come with a wide selection of things to know before starting your tours in Peru. These things will help you get a better understanding of Peruvian culture to avoid shock. You don’t have to feel stressed or worried, Cusco Peru Travel will give you all the tools with which you can immerse yourself in our culture and don’t have any problems. Here are our top 10 things you must know before your journey.

Visa is not required

Peru tourist attractions are definitely on many a traveler’s bucket list. But, is a visa required for Peru? Well, you are lucky that an entry visa is not required! You only need a valid passport and evidence of your return ticket. You are allowed to stay for 90 days. Keep in mind that a one-way ticket can cause you problems. Thus, don’t put in risk your tours in Peru.

Don’t drink tap water

tours in peru don't drink tap water

Unfortunately, the public drinking water in our country is not good in terms of health. The chances of getting bacteria or stomach bugs are high. We recommend you to grab a beer or pisco instead, or drink bottled water during your tours in Peru.

Make sure the ice in your drink was made with purified water. Also, wash any fruit or vegetable and don’t brush your teeth with the tap water.

Electric boogaloo

The voltage in Peru is higher, the electrical sockets are 220 volts. In fact, modern devices are designed to be compatible with that range of voltages. But just in case, charge up your electronic devices when you need to and unplug when you are done.


tours in peru tipping

Peru doesn’t count with a tipping culture but everybody knows that tipping is always welcome. Thus, always carry an extra amount of Peruvian cash during your tours in Peru.

We consider that 10% of your bill is an acceptable tip for a good service. But if the service during your luxury Peru tours is exceptional, you may add a few extra bills.


The main transportation includes taxi, bus, and combi. Combi is the most common one to get around locally. Combi is a minibus that transport people at a cheap price. Similarly, long-distances buses are really good as well.

Is it possible to go biking? Technically yes if you can deal with the crazy Peruvian drivers. The public transport in Peru is quite chaotic but there are few districts -rich ones- that count with bike lanes. Besides, taxis don’t use taximeter so, you can bargain the price before getting in the car.

Life is slow

Wherever you are in Peru, life moves a bit slow. Even slower when you get further into the rainforest or more up north. In general, Peruvians are really bad with time, they are always late, so delays are actually common. In this case, Cusco Peru Travel recommends you to take it easy and just relax during your tours in Peru.

Photo Boom

tours in peru photo boom

Peru is a spectacular place that boasts awe-inspiring scenery and friendly people. This makes Peru one of the best places in the world for photography enthusiasts. But you have to keep in mind that you must ask before photographing people. Not all photos are free in Peru.

To illustrate, in the city of Cusco, you will find lots of women in traditional dress garb and posing with fluffy llamas or alpacas. They make their living by charging tourists for photos. If you ask to take a photo, they will strike a pose and tell you how much you must pay. But if you take a photo without asking, they will ask you for a tip. 

Coca leaves

Before visiting Machu Picchu, you must let your body time to acclimatize when you arrive at a high altitude. Altitude sickness can hit you intensely.

Peruvians use coca leaves to counteract the symptoms of altitude sickness such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite and nausea or vomiting. You can chew the leaves or take it as a tea. It’s definitely worth trying. But don’t try to bring it home, it’s illegal. If you are not into this kind of natural medicine, you must ask a doctor for an altitude medication.


tours in peru purchasing pisac market

Peru is a haggling place. It’s completely acceptable to negotiate! As a tourist, vendors will always offer their products at a higher price, you must always, always and always try to get a better price. Of course, it’s not possible to haggle down your museum entry fee or the bill in a restaurant but it’s common in traditional markets or souvenir stores.

Drink like a boss

It doesn’t mean that Peruvians love to drink all the time, but we love to celebrate in the best way. Peru counts with a wide selection of good, tasty and aphrodisiac drinks but the most famous one is our Pisco Sour, as a matter of fact, our signature drink. It has a unique taste quite unlike any other. So, let’s grab one!

We hope that our Peru Travel guide had helped you to get a better understanding of how our country works. You will be well-prepared with lots of useful tips to get the most out of your tours in Peru!

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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