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Travel advice help and support

Our object at CuscoPeruTravel, the luxury travel company, is to help our clients protect their investments. We know that during your trip you may experience not only gratification but also other things that may occur that are not planned.
We have plans in place to give you maximum tranquility. You can choose whatever travel insurance and CuscoPeruTravel will work in coordination with that company, this service we offer without cost to you.

At CuscoPeruTravel the luxury travel company, we have experience working in coordination with a recognized travel insurance company. World Nomad, a company well known worldwide, permits us to provide you the best support in case of drawbacks with the best possible services. Without mention that our main destiny Cusco is certified under the sign “iTravel Safe”, provided by the World Travel and Tourism Council to those tour destinies and tour operators that comply with the health protocols designed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Your Health

Also, your health is very important to us… keeping well while in Peru is something we all CuscoPeruTravel team worry about. Nobody wants to travel to a foreign country and waste the time going to the doctor, keeping rest by large time in a hotel, or spending money on medications and treatments. For the most part, it is not difficult to keep healthy, it only takes a little common sense and informing yourself in advance. Happily, most of the sicknesses you will encounter are preventable. The most common recommendations are:

  • Drinking only bottled water will prevent most stomach problems.
  • Washing your hands before eating.
  • Sunscreen when going outside (In case of coast and Sierra destinies).
  • Insect repellent and long sleeve clothing to avoid being bitten are also good ways to prevent getting sick (In case of Jungle destinies like Machu Picchu).


However, if you have other concerns like exposure to tropical diseases, altitude sickness, seas sickness, or anything else, it is best to visit your own doctor. We recommend that you see your travel health center at least eight weeks before you come to Peru, as you may need a course of medications or more than one vaccination.

We are only too happy to help with advice on how to stay well but advice from a health care professional is always the best course. They will have information on all the regions that you wish to travel to.

Your Belongings

As in any city in the world, without exception, you will need to take care of your belongings, flashing expensive jewelry or cameras, Ipads or phones will only bring you trouble. It is always a good idea to leave your money and valuables in the hotel safe and only take what is necessary. Once again common sense is the way to go. Remember, in the case of Peru, the more tourists a city is, the safer it is.

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