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History And Culture

Why travel to Peru? Peru is considered one of the cradles of civilization and the only one located in the southern hemisphere, with some of the earliest human settlements going back as far as 3000BC the old-est in the Americas. Go forward a few thousand years and there was the Chavin culture which lasted around 700 years till 300 BC mainly located in the north of Peru. In the south the Nazca culture lasted until 600 AD and was known for its textiles and the famous Nazca lines. Another culture that was influen-tial around the same time on the north coast was the Moche, known for their ceramics and impressive temples and burial sites. Next came the Wari and their mighty military power and creating an extensive network of roadwork and terracing. Small civilizations thrived after that such as the Chimu and Chincha but died out when the Inca people come to power in the 12th Century. The Incas expanded their empire to include parts of Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia. A bloody war in 1532 left the Inca Atahualpa victor but made him many enemies. When the Spanish arrived a few months later they found many villagers willing to fight against the Incas. The Spanish proceeded to take apart all the Inca temples and used these sights to build their churches which we can still see today. With all this history and culture and magnificent ruins a trip to Peru with quench the thirst of any culture buff. We here at CuscoTravel.Peru have just the itinerary you need to take in all the history and culture.

Why not the take the luxurious Hiriam Bingham train to Machu Picchu the lost city of the Incas. Passing through the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas or see the magnificent Pisac ruins or take a city tour of Cusco and marvel at the beautifully decorated churches and lovely main plaza. Come to one of the many festivals in Peru and see how the local people celebrate their ancient and Spanish colonial traditions. All with the luxury of the best hotels and services you will come to expect from CuscoTravel.Peru.

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luxury vacation with kristin redman
  • From: USA, Visit: 14 October 2017

"We were very happy with our services” We chose a private tour and could not have been happier with the service we received, it made our time traveling between places enjoyable. Our guides all very knowledgeable, friendly and made us feel welcome, ..."

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luxury vacations with dianne simmer
  • From: USA, Visit: 1 October 2017

"Fantastic! A+ All the day!!! All details of our trip were taken care of, so we could sit back and enjoy our trip to Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Our guides were prompt, polite and informative. Sol expedited our arrivals, transfers and ..."

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luxury travel vacations with sunil patel
  • From: USA, Visit: 10 October 2016

"We had a wonderful experience visiting sites around Cusco and seeing Machu Picchu. The views were amazing, we took so many pictures. The restaurant lunch buffet next to the Urubamba river with live music was excellent. It was nice to having all the ..."

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