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Peru is a natural treasure, one of only 17 megadiverse countries on the planet. From dense jungle to coastal desert filled with mysterious alien lines, high Andean peaks, deep canyons which majestic birds passing overhead, lakes filled with many varieties of fish, Peru has it all. With more than 1736 species of birds, 200 species of fish, 460 mammals and 365 reptiles and abundant Amazon rain forest, full of beauti-ful flowers, there is no better place to be for the lovers of nature.

Experience a 5-night Peru luxury tour on an Amazon river cruise where you will see many species of wildlife and mix with local communities, or the Amazon Jungle at Puerto Maldonado where you stay in an Amazon jungle lodge and will walk and experience the sound and sights of the jungle. What about the famous Inca Trail 4 days walking along the pathways of the Incas surrounded by natural beauty of the Andes. Take a luxury train journey through picture postcard valleys and be indulged with service next to none, to the Lost City of the Inca´s. See the natural wonder of Lake Titicaca and the local communities that live on the lake making a living off the islands fishing and growing crops. Here at CuscoPeru.Travel there are an abundant of private tours and holidays to Peru and the opportunities are to observe nature are limitless.

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amanda & joe ingels in a luxury travel
  • From: USA, Visit: 22 March 2018

"Our experience with Machu Travel Perú was terrific. Services of the guide: All of our guides were knowledgeable and engaging, Services of the drivers:The drivers were good, Hotels services: Our stay at Belmond Monasterio and the Sanctuary at Machu ..."

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chris kato in a luxury travel
  • From: USA, Visit: 1 March 2018

"Everything about the trip is excellent. Services of the guide:Excellent, Services of the drivers: Excellent, Hotels services:Very ..."

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sai puli in a luxury tour
  • From: USA, Visit: 19 February 2018

"Right from Lima to Cusco and Machupicchu the treatment of guides, drivers are excellent. Main link is sol, approach in dealing the things excellent and a humble human being. Special thanks but that it means I am not disrespecting. Services of the ..."

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