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Are you taking your next vacation in Peru and plan to spend some time in Machu Picchu? Well why would you not be. Machu Picchu is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and a place that many dream about traveling. A vacation in Peru Machu Picchu should be on every ones travel wish list, so why do you not take it off the list and get out there and experience the wonderful Inca site for yourself.

There are many things to do in Machu Picchu to fill a couple of days of your Peruvian holiday. After you had your guided tour of the ruins and learned all the history and mysteries of the ruin you can have some free time to explore and take photos on your own. Return to your favorite places, sit and take in the ambiance and feel that you are a part of the Inca Empire. Marvel at the views and the location of Machu Picchu.

vacation in peru machu picchu ruins

However, not only are there tours to experience, there are many hikes that are a must if you have the time. The first you should do is the peak in front of Machu Picchu, known as Huayna Picchu. Huayna Picchu is a three-hour return hike and there is an entry cost. From the top of Huayna Picchu the views of Machu Picchu are the best, but some advice try and do the hike in the dry season as 1 there will be no cloud for better views and 2 the steps that are part of the hike will not be slippery. You need to book early for Huayna Picchu as the tickets sell out quickly.

The other option for a hiking is Machu Picchu Mountain, the hike is also around three hours and you will also get great views of Machu Picchu, there is always more availability on this hike so you will not need to book as early. There is also an entry cost for this hike so factor that into your budget.

vacation in peru machu picchu guardhouse

There are free hikes at the site you can take that will take you a couple of hours. The first one is the hike to the Sun Gate. Travel up the hill away from Machu Picchu and you will reach IntiPunku or the Sun Gate. According to legend, this is where the important people entered Machu Picchu. The view from the Sun Gate is breathtaking and this is the point where the people who have walked the Inca Trail enter Machu Picchu. The climb is steep but worth the effort.

The other free walk to do is to the Inca Bridge. It is said that the bridge was used by the Inca Armies when entering Machu Picchu and if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the Incas running over the bridge.

After you have finished your time in Machu Picchu, go back down to the town of Aguas Calientes, the town is not very big but is large enough to have all you need for your vacation in Peru Machu Picchu. Here you will find plenty of good restaurants with all variety of foods and many different types of hotels, perfect for your overnight stay. Aguas Calientes also features some hot springs where you can soak away any pains that you may be experiencing.

vacation in peru machu picchu inca trail

What is the best time to go to Machu Picchu you may ask? There never is a best time as the ruin is open all year round. Some people who do not like the rain prefer to go in the dry season, which is from May to September, others prefer the less crowded season from October to April, which is also the rainy season. However, whatever time of year you decide to go to Machu Picchu you will not be disappointed, the Inca citadel is spectacular.

Some Machu Picchu facts that you may not know..

  1. The name Machu Picchu means Old Mountain
  2. Hiram Bingham was not the first to discover Machu Picchu, a German man discovered the site in the late 1800 but he did not stop and explore it.
  3. Machu Picchu is built on the side of hill in the Andes and you cannot see it from below.
  4. It is not known why Machu Picchu was built or indeed, why it was abandoned after only a hundred years of occupancy.
  5. Nobody is 100% sure what the purpose was of Machu Picchu, but it was never found by the Spanish which is the reason it remained intact
  6. Hiram Bingham never found any precious gold or stones at Machu Picchu only ceramic pieces.

Today Machu Picchu is the most visited site in South America and must see on any vacation to Peru. Stay in one of the many luxury hotels and enjoy some wonderful Peruvian hospitality. Do some research and find out all there is to know about fabulous Machu Picchu and the many other not to be missed attractions of Peru.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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