Peruvian Jungle destinations

peru jungle

The Amazon is one of the largest regions within South America that occupies approximately 9 countries of them. And the Peruvian Amazon is one of the parts with the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, so it is definitely a destination worth visiting. Although our Amazon part is not as large as in other […]

Spectacular places to visit in Peru

places to visit in peru

Peru is a country with a lot to offer, and how not? It has a great repertoire of landscapes, geographic diversity, a deep history full of traditional nuances and external influences, an endless amount of archaeological ruins, and much more. Precisely, for this reason, Peru is one of the best tourist destinations for couples, families, […]

Things to do in Miraflores, Lima

things to do in miraflores

Lima is a mandatory stop within the Andean country, more than anything because you will land from your country at the Jorge Chávez airport for any of your adventures. And before leaving for any other luxury destination, it is good to spend a few days inside the Peruvian capital. And what better place than the […]

Paracas Tours from Lima

lima to paracas tour

Lima is one of the most bustling, money-oriented cities within Peru, but it prevails as one of the main tourist centers for all newcomers to Peru. It is an excellent start to any adventure and is also one of the oldest cities in South America. All the history, culture, and traditions that you will find […]

Ideas for luxury holidays in Peru

luxury holidays in peru

In Peru, you can have the best time of your life, regardless of your budget, many of the luxurious activities are usually quite cheap compared to other countries. It is a good idea to take advantage of the massive geographic diversity and the incredible people that surround this place. Whether it is dining the best […]

Amazon Rainforest experiences in Peru

luxury holidays in peru

Peru, the land of the Incas, is one of the best countries to explore the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. Home to one of the largest sections of the Amazon after Brazil, this side of the forest is one of the richest areas for wildlife and flora. It is what makes it one of the most […]

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

belmond sanctuary lodge

Today, together with Cusco Peru Travel, we want to talk about one of the hotels that we know best for treating our clients in the best way. This is one of the only hotels that is located at the entrance of Machu Picchu. Within this beautiful refuge, you can have an experience similar to that […]

Culinary Experiences in Cusco

culinary experiences in cusco

Peru is one of the most recognized countries in terms of culinary and gastronomic issues thanks to its wide variety of fresh ingredients and an ever-increasing number of world-renowned chefs. It has been recognized as the culinary capital of South America. While Lima occupies great attention in terms of gastronomic issues, the entire country is […]

Holidays Peru: kids activities

kids activities in peru

The Andean country is one of the best destinations to enjoy with children and the family. People are very welcoming, the culture and history are very rich and with many colors, the landscape is numerous and varied, even the cuisine is one of the most unmissable and most recognized things in the world. From the […]

Best places to take a babymoon in Peru

babymoon destinations in peru

We know how stressful planning the coming of a baby can be. If you are about to be a future parent, why not book a relaxing getaway before the miracle arrives? Whether for a last romantic vacation or a relaxing vacation, Peru is one of the best places with many options to enjoy. From charming […]