For the young and the not so young, Cusco is a great place to stay for a while and also one of the best places in South America to party. The city is full of bars, nightclubs and discos with something to suit everybody. If you like modern music than there is a bar for you. If you like to dance the night away in a disco than you will not be disappointed. Alternatively, if you like to relax and have a few drinks than a nightclub will be for you. Cusco nightlife has something for everyone so let us go through some of the most popular places in the town.

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The first and one of the most popular is Mama Africa, located on the second floor of the main square. Attracting a relatively young crowd of both locals and foreigners, Mama Africa is a great place to enjoy music and dance. With a large dance floor and a nice bar, the club serves your favorite drinks at great prices. There is a wide range of music from Salsa to Latin to modern music in English.

Considered one of the coolest places in Cusco is Mythology, the bar has a movie salon, a restaurant and an all-night dance floor. Located on the Cusco Plaza de Armas the bar has some really funky décor and the best sound system in Cusco you should spend some time relaxing here.

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A Cusco institution, Ukukus is considered one of the best bars in Cusco.  The club has a nice atmosphere to enjoy live music early in the evening. Later on, the bar comes alive with a great mix of music both old and new. The bar is stocked with both local and international liquor and you will hear that many had a great night at Ukukus.

Even if you do not want to stay you must take a look at Caos, the décor alone is worth entering. The range of exotic drinks and cocktails will make for a fun night. The music is a mix of Latin and European.

The oldest established nightclub in Cusco is Kamikase, located on the Plaza Regocijo on the second floor have been opened since 1985, the bar features drinks at reasonable prices. This two level bar has great live music and mostly frequented by locals with a sprinkling of tourists. There are nightly drink specials to try, but be careful as drinking and altitude do not mix.

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Moving on from the discos there are a few pubs to enjoy. Located on the Plaza de Armes is Nuevo Mundo a pub with boutique beers and a great atmosphere. There are also some great bar food to enjoy. Originally opened by an Englishman the pub has the feel of any English pub.

On the corner of the Plaza de Armas as you travel up to San Blas is the Irish Pub. Here you will see all the most important soccer games and yes, they have Guinness. A great pub atmosphere and good bar food you will feel like you have never left the United Kingdom.

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Cusco Nightlife is not only limited to Discos and Pubs there is also a bar you must not miss when visiting the Inca city. Located behind the Plaza de Armas in front of the Monesterio hotel is a place called Fallen Angel. To describe this place as unusual is not doing the bar justice. Even if you do not stay for dinner or a cocktail, both which are fabulous by the way, than just go and take a look. Fallen Angel has some of the best parties in Peru and if you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you will have the night of your life. Fallen Angel also has a small boutique hotel attached and the décor has to be seen to be believed.

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If you are looking for luxury hotels in Cusco you will not be disappointed, the city features some of the best hotels in Peru. Try the Belmond Hotels for a true luxury experience, even featuring oxygen that is pumped into the room if you are feeling a little light headed. Stay at the Aranwa in Cusco, a beautiful hotel housed in a Spanish Colonial house. The hotel has been completely refurbished and features one of the best art collections in Cusco. There is a beautiful patio where you can eat your breakfast and a great restaurant for dinner.

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Cusco Peru Travel can help you with all your Cusco travel requirements, talk to our experienced travel designers who can help you through the whole tour process and make recommendation on what you should experience. If you love your nightlife than Cusco is the city in Peru that you should experience. However, remember that Cusco was the center of the Inca Empire and features many fascinating Inca Temples that you must see. Book your tour to Peru today for memories that will last a lifetime.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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