Looking for an excuse to surf, take a tan, and enjoy summertime with friends? Because we have prepared a little surprise for you to know about the best beach destinations in the Andean Country. All the places we have chosen have a paradisiacal feature so you can enjoy the sun and incredible sunrises. So we will show you this incredible list of Peru beach destinations that Cusco Peru Travel has made, so when you are feeling like traveling into this astonishing country you can have a taste of these memorable beaches.


Peru is a country that is known for its tourism. Thanks to its great culture and Inca roots, the country can provide a lot of varied options, from its archaeological sites to its giant jungle. Among these landscapes, we can find a great desert coast that collides with the Pacific Ocean. This ocean plays an important role in the Inca country, not only for its surf culture but also for its great varied cuisine that this vast mantle of water facilitates.


peru beach destinations surfing

Peru is a great-gastronomic and tourist place. It offers a vast variety of places to enjoy, among which we can appreciate certain hidden gems within its great coast that many times are not acknowledged. These places are beautiful beaches where you can enjoy its turquoise waters, sunsets or great waves to ride. Among these beaches, we can highlight some of them to make your tour in this beautiful country much easier. That’s why we have put together this list of the best Peru beach destinations so you can enjoy surfing with friends or have an enviable tan.


It is vitally important to know what to pack for Peru, so with Cusco Peru Travel, we advise you some essentials to make your journey easier. First of all, you will need sunblock, but other things like surfboards can be rented easily in some of these places that we are going to mention. So let’s start with this tour of the best beaches to enjoy on your vacation with friends or family. These beaches offer much more than a place for surfers or tourists, prepare to experience with your own eyes the exquisite scenery of Peru.



peru beach destinations mancora

Mancora definitely has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful beaches in Peru thanks to its sunny weather throughout the year. You can do several activities, from diving to surfing or just partying. Máncora is a mandatory stop for any young traveler, not only for its famous waves that attract any experienced or amateur surfers but also for its different options of bars, restaurants, and meals. Mancora is bathed in a relaxed and vibrant aura that is irresistible for any foreigner or local, making this beach one of the main options to visit.


peru beach destinations miraflores

The capital of Peru, also known as the “City of Kings”, is a great start to begin our journey. The city, at first, can be overwhelming if what you are looking for is a calm place, but visiting it is a great recommendation if you want to know the different gastronomic points, beautiful museums, and its distinctive architecture. Under the high and rocky cliffs that limit the city, you can see its beach, which definitely gives a touch to this cosmopolitan city.

Now, if you want to start a Peru family tour, this beach is a great option for large families looking to spend their afternoon with different activities, from surf courses to paragliding. Additionally, if you are looking for more popular places, you can also check the southern beaches around Lima like San Bartolo or Punta Hermosa. Let’s continue with our Peru beach destinations list.


peru beach destinations huanchaco

Want to visit Peru with friends on holidays? Then you should go to Huanchaco. The birthplace of the famous Ceviche dish is one of the places that have resurfaced in recent times. Known as a small fishing town 12 km from Trujillo, it is the perfect option for those looking for a calm and cozy place. On its coast, you can see the different reed boats, one of its particular attractions. Full of ancestral customs to explore and study make Huanchaco a perfect stop for vacations.


peru beach destinations paracas

Better known as the Red Beach, it is located in the Paracas National Reserve of Peru. Its sands have that attractive color due to constant volcanic eruptions that hit the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago. This impressive beach is not chosen by surfers as a first option, but it is a great spot to observe wildlife, such as sea lions. Besides, some tours are offered where you can tour the peninsula and the surrounding islands. Paracas is a must on our Peru beach destinations list.


peru beach destinations pimentel

If your trip includes Chiclayo as a point to visit, then you will not want to miss this beautiful beach located about 11 km away. Pimentel has become an exceptional place if what you are looking for is to enjoy restaurants with marvelous views of the sea, good food and nightlife to explore. Definitely a great choice if you are looking to relax or enjoy holidays in Peru.


That said, we hope you have an amazing vacation witnessing these amazing beaches. Cusco Peru Travel expects that, through these amazing places, you will see a little bit of everything Peru has to offer. Take your time and discover the wonders of Peru.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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