In the coastal city of Paracas, there is a group of rocky islands known as the Ballestas Islands and their journey is one of the most luxurious tours in the area. The only way to visit the islands is through a boat tour from the coastal city. Many consider these beautiful islands full of wildlife as the “Poor man’s GalΓ‘pagos”. Although the boat trip never descends on the islands, it comes close enough to appreciate all the biodiversity. Due to its beauty and stunning landscapes, we decided together with Cusco Peru Travel to make a small article about everything about the Ballestas Islands and its different tours.



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Also nicknamed the “Poor Man’s Galapagos” because they are similar way too much but on a smaller scale. The Ballestas Islands is one of the best tours to experience the numerous and varied wildlife that you can find in the Andean country without having to enter the Amazon. This group of islands has incredible biodiversity of species and among them, you can find thousands of classes of birds and mammals such as penguins, sea lions, pelicans, dolphins, and much more. They are located off the south coast, near the city of Paracas and the Paracas National Reserve. It is a must-see for all those who love nature and wildlife. Keep in mind that these islands are protected, so you will not be able to swim with the animals or walk on the islands, but you will still be very close to appreciate the different species. Among the many tours in Paracas, you can enjoy a speedboat trip to tour the different islands and take photos of the most beautiful animals in Peru.


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To get to the Ballestas Islands, there are numerous companies, agencies, and tour operators that offer tours to the beautiful coastal city. Some companies without prior reservations can inflate prices excessively, so try to book in advance. The beautiful city of Paracas is only 3 hours away from the Peruvian capital. Normally you travel by bus from Lima to Paracas to get to enjoy the tour by boat. You also have to keep in mind that the only way to tour the Islands is through a tour accompanied by certified and accredited guides. You can decide to do it within one of the luxury Peru tours that we offer.


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To enjoy the Ballestas Islands you will usually have a departure time at 8 in the morning to get to the boat. The boats don’t leave until 08:20 in the morning until they are all loaded and installed. The tour lasts 2 hours, so the return time is at 10 am. Life jackets are provided and these are mandatory for added safety. The boats are very comfortable and you can sit on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you want to position yourself well, try to arrive early. If you are susceptible to dizziness, don’t worry because it is a fairly short and exceptional trip. You will notice that there is also a quick stop to appreciate El Candelabro, a prehistoric geoglyph located on the Paracas peninsula, it is large enough to be seen 19 kilometers from the sea. The trip is so short you can take advantage of your time and combine your tour with other destinations like Huacachina and enjoy activities like Huacachina sandboarding.


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The tour in the Ballestas Islands is usually quite busy, but despite this, it is quite controlled and well managed. Obviously, you will not be able to get off the islands and walk on them, but the man who drives the boat does it so that you will be very close to the main entrances and pointing out the different wildlife on site, pausing whenever necessary. Keep in mind that it is a protected location, so avoid yelling, taking flash photos, or anything that can disturb the peace of animals, especially when you are near sea lions. The time is enough to appreciate the different animals and islands, so don’t worry about being short on it. There will be enough breaks to take photos and closely follow the different species that inhabit the place.

But you will also have plenty of time available to tour the Reserve or entertain yourself in the small city. But together with us and our private tours, we can offer you the possibility of combining this wonderful destination with others like Nazca, so you will enjoy and learn someΒ Nazca Lines facts. You can even relate the famous El Candelabro geoglyph to those found in the desert. Take advantage of your trip and enjoy the best of Peru!


Enjoy the most impressive landscapes of the Andean country with Cusco Peru Travel. We will be able to offer you the possibility to visit Paracas as well as many other incredible destinations. Take advantage of your vacation and discover the most mysterious and history-filled destinations. Peru is much more than its Wonder of the World, it knows those destinations that boast its landscapes and archaeological ruins.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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