For those travelers who are looking to enjoy themselves and at the same time not leave a harmful mark on the planet, we have your solution. Some hotels and lodges are friendly to their surroundings and have a great responsibility to the environment that surrounds them, not only for its construction and architecture but also for its customer service methods and how they usually recycle. They all bring together aspects that make a big difference compared to any chain hotel and in this way their prices are fully justified. Being able to enjoy luxurious and comfortable vacations while being responsible for the environment can be a great reality in Peru. That is why together with Cusco Peru Travel we have prepared a short article about the best eco friendly resorts to enjoy on your vacation.

Peru is one of the countries with the most biodiversity due to the Amazon and it also has an immeasurable nature wherever you look. Full of natural landscapes with wonderful views, eco-lodges are an option that has become very popular lately. Many of these lodges work with local communities and are self-sustainable. If you are traveling with your partner, staying in one of them can be one of the most romantic options.



eco friendly resorts inkaterra amazon reserve

If you are in the beautiful city of Puerto Maldonado, this hotel will not disappoint you. This amazing hotel is located in front of the Madre de Dios River and very close to the well-known Tambopata National Reserve. Its location makes it rich in views to appreciate and enjoy. If you are looking to become a luxury travel expert, you cannot miss this wonderful place. It is considered by the National Geographic Traveler as one of the 25 best ecolodges in the entire world. So if you are looking for exclusivity and at the same time take care of the environment, this is one of the best eco friendly resorts.

The hotel is made up of large grounds that include up to 35 exclusive and comfortable log cabins within the Amazon. You can also enjoy many activities such as a sunset cruise through the river and much more.


eco friendly resorts ecolodge mancora

In case your destination is Mรกncora and its beautiful beaches, this beautiful lodge is for you. It is located on one of the most popular beaches for tourists and surfers looking to relax and have a good time. This mini complex is built by recycled elements that make it one of the best eco friendly resorts. Its owner is a French architect who used elements such as wood, cane, bamboo, earth, and other various recycled elements. Still, its design and architecture will leave you really amazed, from colorful gardens to a beautiful swimming pool where you can have a few drinks. Not only will you enjoy an incredible moment, but you can also enjoy many activities such as horseback riding, fishing, yoga, and alternative therapies. Among the many luxury vacation resorts, this is one of the best.


eco friendly resorts eco amazonia lodge

Another great option within the Peruvian Amazon is this beautiful lodge. If you were looking for places that are responsible for their environment and at the same time enjoy an experience without comparison, this is your place. Not only you can enjoy a place that generates the least possible impact on its surroundings, but you will also be in contact with nature and its varied biodiversity. This beautiful hotel is located on the banks of the Tambopata River, within the city of Puerto Maldonado. It has approximately 50 cabins built with surrounding materials. Even the use of its services such as electricity and water is handled with high responsibility. You will be inside the Tambopata Reserve and you will be able to observe animals of all kinds such as alligators or giant otters. If your plan is to travel with one of the many luxury travel packages, be sure to visit this beautiful place.


eco friendly resorts skylodge sacred valley

One option within the Sacred Valley is the incredible capsules suspended on a cliff. If you are looking for the best luxury adventure travel, you cannot miss staying at this place. It is located thousands of feet above the Sacred Valley, offering views without comparison. To get to the rooms you will have to climb the cliff and use the cables that are already installed. The sensation that you will have when sleeping in the capsules and observing the starry sky has no description. You will have to experience it yourself to get a true idea of โ€‹โ€‹what it is to sleep in these incredible capsules.


eco friendly resorts maniti ecolodge

Within the Peruvian Amazon is where most of the best eco friendly resorts are located. And this beautiful eco-lodge is a great example of them. It is located within the beautiful city of Iquitos. It is made up of different private bungalows built with materials from the rainforest. This particular architecture makes them camouflage themselves with the landscape, having a totally natural and friendly experience with the environment.


Within Peru, you can find many eco-lodges that are friendly to the environment, and these are just a handful of them. You can even find many other options that are environmentally responsible. It is very possible to enjoy a vacation while you are responsible. We hope together with Cusco Peru Travel to have been of help in your future plans. If you have any type of query, do not hesitate to ask our advisers.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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