10 Must-Visit Attractions in Peru

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Cusco Peru Travel welcomes you to the “Land of the Incas”, dubbed like this because it was once home to the Inca Empire. Certainly, Peru is a place with a dramatic coastal desert, breathtaking Andean mountains, and an exotic jungle. Its rich history, culture and marvelous natural beauty are packed with colonial architecture, archaeological remains, […]

Which is the best time to take an Amazon tour in Peru?

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The Selva, the Jungle, the vibrant swathe of Peru, the most biodiverse region on earth, all attempt to name this magical and beautiful place, the Amazon. It boasts spectacular and breathtaking wildlife -home of thousands of species of birds, plants and other animals- and captivating landscapes which means that your Peru jungle tours will be […]

What to do in Puerto Maldonado?

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Located in the southeast region of Peru, on the riverside of Madre de Dios and Tambopata, Puerto Maldonado is a good base to explore the Amazon jungle because it houses a huge percent of the magical essence of Peruvian nature. Its marvelous atmosphere surrounded by an extraordinary tropical environment will give you the opportunity to […]

Honeymoon: luxury holidays in Peru

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Peru is one of the most diverse and dazzling countries in the world. Its tropical jungles, majestic mountains, vast deserts, ancient ruins, and cosmopolitan cities make Peru a significant place to bless your marriage. No matter what type of honeymoon you want to have, the Inca lands count with the perfect ingredients for a spectacular, […]

A Guide to Machu Picchu Hiking

An unforgettable trip has to be led by Machu Picchu which is one of the most impressive architectural jewels of the world. The Incas left this extraordinary and historic site as a legacy, so a mythical Machu Picchu hike is a voyage full of adventure to one of the seven wonders of the world.  The […]

The best Arequipa sightseeing tour

Arequipa, also known as “La Ciudad Blanca” (The White City) for its unique stonework carved from white volcanic stone, is the second biggest city of Peru. Arequipa sightseeing includes high-altitude deserts, amazing active volcanoes, tasty local cuisine and thrilling outdoor adventures. Stepping into the city The charming White City has a vast list of things […]